Survivor Season 43 Episode 2 Release Date: It Will Be Renewed on September 2022!

survivor season 43 episode 2

After last week’s grand premiere, Survivor Season 43 Episode 2 will air on CBS at 8 pm ET on Wednesday, September 28, 2022. Lovable Curmudgeon is the episode’s name, which will be 90 minutes long and can be watched live on Paramount+. The show can also be seen on Fubo TV.

This week’s episode of Survivor will be fascinating because a storm will catch the last 17 people by surprise. The players will have to do the Cell Block Sea challenge, and the episode description makes it sound like one of them won’t be able to finish it.

What to Expect From Survivor Season 43 Episode 2?

This week on Survivor, viewers will get their first look at the Girl’s alliance when Karla tells Geo, James, and Ryan in a confessional that they think she is on their team, but she is actually with the other girls. Dwight and Jesse will talk about how to get rid of their first target, Cody.

You can expect new twists and turns in the episode because Gabler, who may be hurt, says in a sneak peek,

survivor season 43 episode 2

Tribes spent the night shivering in their shelters because a storm that came out of nowhere hit hard and fast. Also, one castaway’s poor performance in the challenge puts their tribe at risk of having to go to the tribal council.
During the night, a storm will hit the island. Later, the contestants will have to do a complex challenge that depends significantly on their strength. In the Cell Block Sea challenge, players will have to climb up their bamboo cages in the sea and jump into the water to find and carry a heavy prop snake to the shore, where they will do the final task.

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Moriah was a member of Team Baka who left the team last week. This week, one person will be kicked off the show.

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What Happened on Survivor Season 43 Premiere?

Last week, 18 people went to Fiji to be on Survivor’s famous adventure show and try to win $1,000,000. Mike Gabler, Owen Knight, Sami Layadi, Elisabeth “Elie” Scott, and Jeanine Zheng are the castaways on Team Baka. Team Vesi has Cody Assenmacher, Jesse Lopez, Noelle Lambert, Nneka Ejere, Justine Brennan, and Jesse Lopez. Geo Bustamante, Lindsay Carmine, Cassidy Clark, Karla Cruz Godoy, James Jones, and Ryan Medrano are all part of Team Coco.

survivor season 43 episode 2

Eighteen new castaways form their society and start their adventure for $1 million.
The contestants had to do the reward challenge first to get the needed supplies. The tribe Vesi won the challenge, and they set up their camp. Noelle and Justine became friends, but Nneka, Jesse, and Cody were worried about how manipulative Justine was. The women talked about making a girl alliance of their own.

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Karla and Geo became friends because they were both LGBTQ.

Coco and Baka, the two teams that didn’t win, could finish their other challenges on time and get some supplies. Team Coco and Vesi won the immunity challenge, which was the next thing the contestants did. Elie told Jeanie that she wanted to vote to get rid of Moriah so that Gabler could stay on the show. Moriah and Sami worked together to surprise Owen, but Moriah was killed in the end.

Every Wednesday at 8 pm ET, CBS shows Survivor. On Paramount+, you can stream the show’s episodes live or whenever you want.


Spoilers for the second episode of Season 43, Episode 2, “Lovable Curmudgeon,” are coming up. In the second episode of Survivor Season 43, players were getting used to living in a tropical setting.

survivor season 43 episode 2

Between the first Tribal Council, where Morriah from Baka was voted off, and the next Immunity Challenge, the groups, had their first real chance to get to know the people they were playing with, and strategies were as scattered as ever.

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This season, all-female and all-male alliances are forming on each team, and tight pairs are starting to get together and plan their moves. Baka knew they had to get their group back together to do better in the following challenge after their last loss.

But the tribe was tense under the surface because everyone had a different idea of what it meant to be a team player. On top of that, a big storm hit their Fiji beaches, making everyone’s night even worse.