Supports Steam Extended Xbox Controller

A recent Beta update for Steam Added new features for gamers using Xbox controllers. One of the most interesting additions is for Xbox Elite controller users, who can now bind auxiliary rear paddles in control configurations using Wolwin software. This feature gives players more flexibility in how to use additional inputs in the premium controller.

Other updates to the Xbox controllers include the ability to bind the Series X Combat’s share button to the controller configuration and the ability to use up to four Xbox controllers simultaneously with Steam. Trigger Rumble support is also included for games that use the Windows.Gaming.Input API.

The Steam Beta Client PS5 controller also has a new drop-down menu for users, which allows you to customize the controller’s LED. It can now be enabled or disabled permanently, otherwise it will only be enabled when multiple controllers are connected. Adds update support Two keyboards, Which has features like analog key input.

For now, these new features are only available in the Steam beta client, which you can select by going to the Settings menu and selecting Account and using the drop-down menu in the Beta Participation section. The Xbox controller features must also be operated in the General Control Setting section of the Steam systems, and a driver must be installed.

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