It’s all about f**king time, as Logan Roy may say. Season 2 of Succession ended in October 2019 (with Logan’s knowing grin). Since then, HBO’s highly praised series about the Roy family’s Machiavellian power plays and brotherly (and sisterly) backstabbing as they compete for their father’s love business has been unavailable to viewers. Succession has been observed filming for the past several months all throughout New York City (from the Plaza Hotel to Hudson Yards), as well as East Hampton and even Virginia, following a lengthy break due to COVID-19. And now, our favorite dysfunctional family has gone global, with the cast confirming that they will be filming in Italy at the conclusion of the season. Here’s every detail we know about season 3 as well as season 4.

Succession: Season 2 Ending

Kendall Roy dropped a bombshell on his father’s dynasty at the end of Season 2, describing Logan Roy as “a cancerous presence, a bully, and a liar.” The patriarch’s intentions for his successors were thrown into disarray when the Number One Boy opted to betray media mogul Logan Roy, who set up his son to take the blame for Waystar Royco’s wrongdoings. Cousin Greg drew his battle lines and aligned with Kendall, while Roman Roy ascended to COO of the company, clutching those ever-incriminating emails.

Succession Season 3 Release Date

On Instagram, HBO published a ferocious season 3 poster that elevated the notion of “allied forces getting established” to a whole new level. The Roy goes into an office with a stripe running down the corridor in the photograph, entitled “Make your move.” Logan, Shiv, Tom, and Connor stand on one side, while Kendall, Greg, and Roman appear on the other. It might be the most telling sign yet of how the season will unfold.

Because of 2020 epidemic the preproduction had ben delayed. On August 23, HBO announced on social media that the program would return in October 2021, rather than December as previously planned.

HBO confirmed that first episode of season 3 aired on 17th October, 2021. HBO also scheduled for second episode; it will be streaming on 24th October, 2021.

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What We Can Expect From Succession Season 3?

Season three will be a guns-blazing fight between the Roys, according to an HBO release. The official summary says, “Ambushed by his rebellious son Kendall at the close of Season 2, Logan Roy enters Season 3 in a precarious situation.” “As a fierce corporate fight threatens to develop into a family civil war, tensions mount as families scramble to build familial, political, and financial alliances.”

You’d have to ask Brian Cox for more particular information. The actor stated that he was the first cast member to know what the next season will entail in an interview with The Jess Cagle Show “I literally jumped out of my chair since [series creator Jesse Armstrong] never notifies you about the forthcoming season.” We never knew exactly what was going to happen from episode to episode “According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cox stated. “It’s a lot of fun. That’s all I have to say about it.”

Vulture released an in-depth article in August 2021 that provided a few additional vague but nonetheless fascinating information about the forthcoming season, including why COVID would not play a big role in the storyline. It’s because the Roys are rich with a capital R. “These are really affluent individuals,” Sarah Snook (Shiv) told the publication. “Unfortunately, the epidemic would not impact any of the world’s very affluent individuals.”

It also reveals why, in the third season, the Roys were able to effortlessly pick up and decamp to Italy for an excessively opulent holiday in Tuscany complete with regal estate and uncomfortable family meals, as Vulture describes it. Kendall and Greg are also in attendance at the Italian estate, despite how Season 2 ended, so we must wonder: Is everything well in Roy-land? (Doubtful.) Some of the few hints we’ve been given regarding the season include: The Roy siblings enjoy a group lunch (even Connor is present); Logan Roy has a stressful nine-page sequence; there’s a party with a dance floor; and the third season takes up “moments” after the second concluded.

“Waystar Royco is still under Logan’s control, and a shareholder uprising is looming. Kendall, Roman, and Shiv strive to outwit the others at Dad’s game and take over the firm, and the same basic scenario repeats itself “Vulture reports on the situation.

Armstrong also revealed more about the season in an interview with TV Guide magazine, including how Kendall’s decision affects the overall family dynamic. “[Kendall’s] choice has emancipated him,” Armstrong told the publication. “He’s taken a hard stance [against Logan], and that clarifies things.” “There’s a vacancy for No. 1 son now that Kendall is virtually gone”, Armstrong says to Roman. And, owing to the Roy civil war “pushing them in opposite directions,” Shiv and Tom’s marriage would be challenged more than ever before, Armstrong hinted.

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Will There Be A Succession Season 4?

It’s conceivable that not knowing this knowledge is preferable. Succession will have a fourth season, according to writer and executive producer Georgia Pritchett, although it may be the show’s final season.

“I suppose the maximum would be five seasons, but perhaps more like four,” Pritchett told The Times in an interview. She went on to tease that showrunner Jesse Armstrong and the creative team are “getting close to a wonderful conclusion.”

At this moment we are unable to inform you about Succession season 4 release date. However, we can hope it might be air on summer 2022.

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