Struck by Luck App for Android: How does It Work?

Struck by Luck App for Android

An app that was discovered by chance Lottery in Florida: Florida lotteries are always introducing new scratch-off games. STRUCK BY LUCK, a $10 scratch-off game, is now available.

Players have a chance to win electrical prizes worth up to $1 million through the program. In addition, the game offers over $176.4 million in cash prizes to 7 million winning tickets, with a one-in-3.36 chance of winning.

Struck by Luck App for Android

The STRUCK BY LUCK app is a game-supporting application for the Florida Lottery Scratch-Off game. It can be used by players to verify whether or not they have entered any eligible tickets.

They can also find out if those tickets are Jackpot, Storm, or Instant Prize winners. The Storm Prize winners’ prize money will be revealed online here.

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Download the Struck by Luck App for Android and iOS

On your Android or iOS smartphone, download the Struck by Luck app Florida lottery app. You must go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to download the app. the app is called “Struck by Luck” and select the “Install” option. After that, wait for the installation to finish.

Features of The App “Struck by Luck”

  • Information about the current progressive jackpot amount
  • Tickets for checkered prizes can be purchased.
  • Notifications about storms and jackpot winners can be customized.
  • There are a lot of jackpots and lists of storm winners.
  • Locations on the Map of Estimated Jackpot and Hurricane Winning Locations Near Me
  • On the map, winning store locations selling tickets

How Do I Use the Software “Struck by Luck”?

Struck by Luck App for Android

  • To use the Struck by Luck app, you must first download and install it.
  • Players can disclose the prize in the ticket by clicking on the money bag symbol.
  • Scratch-off games such as Crossword Cash, Magic 8 Ball, and 3 Times Lucky are also available through the Struck by Luck app.
  • Players can scan the ticket barcode or enter the ticket information to play the game.
  • You can quickly learn more about the winner by clicking on the lightning bolt icon.
  • To double-check the ticket details, select the Check your Ticket option.
  • Enter the number on your ticket.
  • Include the code for entrance.
  • Now click the Submit button.
  • Enter the Ticket number and entry code in the View Jackpot tab to see the Jackpot details.

How Can I Check the Status of My Florida Lottery Ticket?

To check my Florida lottery ticket, simply follow the steps outlined below. if you’ve been chosen as a winner

  • Go to to access the official website.
  • Call (850) 921-PLAY to get the winning numbers.
  • Then, on a daily basis, you’ll receive email or text message alerts from the Florida Lottery.
  • App for the Florida Lottery
  • A printout of the winning numbers from the terminal (available at all retailers)…


The app has received average reviews because most people have mixed feelings about it. Some people like it, while others dislike it, depending on who wins and who loses.


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