Prior to its release date, ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Part 2 gets a chill-inducing trailer


After the conclusion of the first part of Season 4, Stranger Things gave viewers a sneak peek at what was to come in the second part of the season, but today is the first time that Netflix has provided us with a full teaser in advance of the release date on Friday, July 1.

Because the spot is so long, it tends to keep the same groups together. It would appear that Hopper and Joyce are still in Russia, dealing with the Upside Down monsters who have been captured or escaped in that country.

The teaser is final for the frame

The children are still in their various groups, and any supporters who are concerned about Steve’s well-being can rest easy knowing that he appears to be doing well. It is likely that Eleven is seen as the least of anybody else, and although she is not shown reuniting with her pals, it appears that she makes her way to the famed Vecna home in the Upside Down, as this is the shot that is shown in the very final frame of the teaser.

There are also some more minute details that need to be picked apart. It would appear that Nancy may be the next member of the group to be sucked into a nightmare similar to that of Freddy Krueger’s Vecna. It would appear that she has been transported in some manner to the hospital where One killed everyone before he transformed, and I’m not sure why she would be there in any other circumstance.

Additionally, we now get a peek at Eddie’s “guitar moment,” which has been promised by his actor in several interviews. My hypothesis is that a plan will involve leveraging the power of rock and roll to weaken or hurt Vecna because he is susceptible to music; yet, it will undoubtedly be Eleven’s responsibility to deal the killing blow in this scenario.

A lot of cool power usage by Eleven

Still haven’t had enough of “Running Up That Hill”? Then you’ll want to check out the trailer for the second volume of the fourth season of Stranger Things. The four-season storyline of the show will be concluded with the “epic two-part season finale” that will make its debut on July 1. (It is not yet obvious how the phrase “two-part season finale” is distinct from the phrase “the last two episodes of the season,” but we will make sure to keep you updated on this matter.)

The trailer, which was scored by Kate Bush, teases that there will be a lot of fights, a lot of ominous words from Dr. Brenner, and hopefully a lot of cool power usage by Eleven. This is because I still haven’t gotten over the scene in the first episode of this season in which she tried and failed to blow that bully’s head up. Also, if I’m being completely honest, what I did learn from this clip is that “Running Up That Hill” will never fail to make me hyped, regardless of how often it is played.

A new trailer for the last two episodes of Stranger Things Season 4 has been released on Netflix, nearly a month after the fourth season of the show became a cultural phenomenon. In the trailer, we get another look at the town of Hawkins, Indiana, as well as a possible farewell to some of our favorite characters.

Our worst concerns by claiming in a voiceover

In the teaser, Dr. Brenner, also known as Papa, confirms our worst concerns by claiming in a voiceover that he is aware that viewers are nervous. The Duffer Brothers are well aware of how tense viewers are because the trailer makes it clear that they are. What you’ve witnessed has left you with a profound sense of terror. And you are correct, we are.

The last time we saw the crew, everything was in shambles: the friends are mostly separated and dealing with the resurgence of the Upside Down; Hopper, Joyce, and Murray find themselves stuck in a Russian prison with a Demogorgon; and the entire situation is topped off with the revelation that Number One is actually the nefarious Vecna.

In the new trailer, we find our gang, which has been split up for some time, getting ready for the decisive fight that will decide the fate of their neighborhood. This trailer features all of the spine-tingling and adrenaline-pumping moments that have become synonymous with the show, and it does so while playing out against the backdrop of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” which is an important component of the earlier sections of the season.


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