Stranger Things Season 4: Trailer, Release Date, Season 5? Everything Known So Far


On May 6, a new teaser trailer for Stranger Things 4 was uploaded to YouTube. Unfortunately, however, it does not provide us with clear previews of the story that will characterize the new episodes. In the video, we don’t see any familiar faces, at least not before the end. The protagonists are children locked up in a creepy facility that appears to be the Hawkins National Laboratory, run by Dr. Martin Brenner. The scientist was initially believed to have died in the first season. But it was later hinted that he might have survived. The producers then confirmed this.

The video then shows the man, from behind, and the little they call father. After asking how they are doing, Brenner announces that he has a surprise. In the meantime, we hear someone breathing heavily, and the room follows this sound to a room on whose door we can read the number 11. In the last frame, we see Eleven’s eyes, which open wide when a voice asks her: “Eleven, are you listening? “. It is unclear whether this is a flashback, a dream of Eleven. Or an attempt to track down the scientist through his powers.

Stranger Things 4 Trailer

We currently do not yet have an extended trailer for the fourth season of Stranger Things. As soon as Netflix makes it available, it will be promptly added below.

Stranger Things Season 4 Release And Season 5 Updates

Although Stranger Things 4 has yet to debut – even the date is not yet known-rumors have circulated for some time about a possible season 5 of the series signed by the Duffer brothers. It has not yet been formalized that it is done or not done, plus there would be elements in favor of both cases. In summary: there is little clarity for now.

The creators have stated from the beginning that they want to make four chapters of the show. Furthermore, the new agreement they have reached with Netflix would see them engaged with completely unreleased productions. However, when the streaming giant announced the renewal for the fourth season, it didn’t present it as the final one.

So, Stranger Things 5 ​​season do you do? In early 2020, the site We Got This Covered claimed to have learned from its sources that season 4 should be divided into two parts and that the second would be formally recognized as a fifth chapter. Therefore, according to these statements, it would seem that another season is planned, but this is not yet official information. To know the show’s future, we will have to wait for Netflix itself to make a word of it.

In a second moment, then, David Harbor, interpreter of Hopper, has made some statements to Gold Derby on the future of his character, which has increased the hopes of fans. He did not limit himself to talking about the fourth chapter but also hinted at a season 5:

“In Season 4 and Season 5, if we ever get back to filming, there is a lot to discover about the intricacies of the story about Hopper, which is very rich, and I’m excited for you to see it. It’s one of those things that allows me to see the series as a whole. Since we know the end, you can go back and see that what we sowed in the third season brought results in the fourth and fifth.”


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