Stargirl Season 3: Is Stargirl Coming Back In 2022?

Stargirl Season 3

Season 3 of DC’s Stargirl will broadcast on The CW in 2022, but don’t anticipate it anytime soon. One of the most popular shows on television in recent memory was DC’s Stargirl.

Stargirl Season 3

The show, a DC Universe original, began by releasing new episodes on the streaming site every Monday, with the same episodes also airing the following night on The CW (in the coveted Tuesday night timeslot usually held by The Flash).

After The CW was renamed as a comics-only program, Stargirl was officially shifted to The CW for its second season. Season 2 of Stargirl began last summer, almost exactly one year after the first season finished, and it successfully recaptured everything that made her predecessor so beloved while still holding her own in the ratings.

The network’s midseason schedule has been announced, and Stargirl is not among the returning shows. But when will it be back?

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When Will Stargirl Season 3 be Released?

Fans of “Stargirl” no longer have to wait with bated breath for word on the series’ likely renewal or termination. In actuality, The CW announced Season 3’s order in May 2021. (via Entertainment Weekly).

This means that the show was renewed ahead of the Season 2 launch, which could indicate that the trend will continue. So, who can say? Season 3 could be announced in the spring of 2022.

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As for when “Stargirl” Season 3 will be broadcast, that remains to be seen. However, presuming that its production cycle will be comparable to prior seasons, an educated forecast can be made.

Since “Stargirl” Season 1 debuted in May 2020 and the first episode of Season 2 debuted in August 2021, it appears that Season 3 will premiere in the late summer or fall of 2022.

The Cast of Stargirl Season 3

The Stargirl Season 3 cast is likely to be announced soon.

Stargirl Season 3

• Brec Bassinger in the role of Courtney Whitmore – Stargirl

• Yvette Monreal in the role of Yolanda Montez in Wildcat II

• Anjelika Washington in the role of Beth Chapel in Doctor Mid-Nite II

• Cameron Gellman in the role of Rick Tyler – Hourman II

• Trae Romano in the role of Mike Dugan

• Jake Austin Walker plays the role of Henry King Jr.

• Meg DeLacy in the role of Cindy Burman – Shiv

• Neil Jackson in the role of Jordan Mahkent – Icicle

• Christopher James Baker in the role of Henry King Sr. – Brainwave

• Amy Smart in the role of Barbara Whitmore

• Luke Wilson in the role of Pat Dugan – S.T.R.I.P.E.

• Hunter Sansone in the role of Cameron Mahkent

• Nick Tarabay in the role of Eclipso

• Joel McHale in the role of Sylvester Pemberton – Starman

• Neil Hopkins in the roles of Lawrence, Crusher, Crock, and Sportsmaster.

• Joy Osmanski as Tigress Paula Brooks

• Henry Thomas and Alex Collins in the roles of Charles McNider and Doctor Mid-Nite, respectively.

• Ashley Winfrey in the role of Jenny Williams

• Stella Smith in the role of Artemis Crock

• Eric Goins in the role of Steven Sharpe – Gambler

• Hina Khan in the role of Anaya Bowin

• Mark Ashworth in the role of Justin – Shining Knight

• Max Frantz in the role of Isaac Bowin

• Nelson Lee in the role of Dr. Shiro Ito – Dragon King

• Ysa Penarejo in the role of Jennie-Lynn Scott

• Jonathan Cake in the role of Richard Swift – The Shade

Let’s chat about when the third season of Stargirl will be released.

What Is The Storyline of Stargirl Season 3?

The conclusion of “Stargirl” Season 2 demonstrates that the new JSA is capable of rising above the faults of the previous generation, as the young team handles the Eclipso crisis in a far more successful and less homicidal manner than the original squad.

Furthermore, to destroy the nightmare creature, the squad joins forces with a number of the supervillains they’ve battled thus far.

Stargirl Season 3

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On the surface, it appears that a lot of the dynamics between characters will shift in Season 3, especially since a slew of villains chose to stay out in Blue Valley for a variety of reasons.

Given that the season’s teaser (via TV Promos) shows that it will be titled “Stargirl: Frenemies,” this will undoubtedly be a prominent subject.

While it’s unclear whether this would be the case with the “Stargirl” form of the character, the last moments of Season 3 suggest that the many superpowered people in Blue Valley have peaked Bones’ attention, and he’ll most likely be a prominent player in Season 3.

How Many Episodes Will There be In The Next Season of Stargirl?

If the showrunner decides to create a new season of Stargirl, it may comprise 13 or more episodes, as previous seasons have done. As a result, the following season should have at least 13 episodes.

Is a Stargirl Season 3 Trailer Available?

A trailer for Stargirl Season 3 has yet to be released. Please keep watching our website for updates on the upcoming season. If it is, you will be able to see it on our website. Here’s a link to the teaser for the upcoming season.

Where can you watch Season 3 of Stargirl?

The CW’s Stargirl Season 3 may return to its original time slot of 8 p.m. ET. Stargirl will be available to view online on The CW app after the episodes have aired on television.

In addition, once the episode has finished airing, it should be available on streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, and HBO Max. For the time being, you may catch up on prior seasons on HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video.


Season 3 of DC’s Stargirl will premiere on The CW in 2022, but don’t expect it to air soon. DC’s Stargirl was one of the most popular shows on television in recent memory.

The show, a DC Universe original, began by releasing new episodes on the streaming service every Monday, with the same episodes also broadcast on The CW the following night (in the coveted Tuesday night timeslot usually held by The Flash).

Following The CW’s rebranding as a comics-only channel, Stargirl was formally relocated to The CW for its second season. Before the second season began, the show was renewed for a third season, and it is now simply a matter of determining when it would return to the small screen.

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