Stacy Abrams rejects the comparison between refusing to agree and Trump

Stacy Abrams, Georgia’s former governing candidate, has denied allegations made by her secretary of state. Brian KempBrian Kempjorgia’s Political Revolution: Who Will Lead America’s New Black Capital? Flynn provides the first public comments since Trump apologized at DC rallies, briefly restricting users from interacting with Trump’s tweets about the ‘stolen’ election. (R) First President TrumpOne person, Donald Trump, was shot dead during a violent election campaign in Washington state, and police clashes with pro-Trump protesters, anti-protesters and police in the aftermath of the election spread the COVID-19 epidemic.Refusing to do the same.

In an interview with CNN’s State of the Union, Abrams responded: For an op-ed Brad Rafensberger (R) wrote in the Wall Street Journal that Trump refused to accept the president-elect Joe BidenJoe Bidenbro-Trump protesters, anti-Trump and police clash in DC after election demonstrations Straight to “Stacy Abrams on Playbook”.

Abrams “refused to agree, announced that he would launch major lawsuits against Georgia’s electoral system, and began to collect hundreds of millions of dollars from donors who believed the election had been stolen from him following his defeat,” Rafenberger said in his open edition. To Kemp.

Abrams backtracked on that claim on CNN, noting that hundreds of thousands of voters had been removed from the state voter list before his race went to the polls.

“First, he never listened to what I said,” Abrams said of Rafensberger’s argument. “I said the election was rigged by Georgia voters because, under former Foreign Secretary Brian Kemp, millions of voters … 1.4 million voters were removed from the list, and thousands of voters were denied the right to vote [voter registration processes]. “

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Abrams rejected any comparison between himself and the president, arguing that he was working to disqualify the voices of voters. He argued that his own efforts were centered on voter registration efforts in Georgia and that he was fighting Republican efforts to remove the voter list.

“There’s absolutely nothing between what I did and what Donald Trump is trying to do,” Abrams said. “My work has been very clear since I was 17. It expands the right to vote for those who have the right to vote in our country, especially in the state of Georgia. What Donald Trump is arguing is that he only wants to count the votes he wants. He wants to control. That’s what I’m not proposing. “

Rafenberger’s comments come as Trump continues to pledge to overturn the results of the presidential election in recent days, following two Supreme Court rulings dismissing cases brought by pro-Trump lawyers in the two states.

The Public Service Administration (GSA) authorized the Biden Transformation Committee weeks ago to receive federal funding, but the president’s White House panel has so far refused to acknowledge their employer’s failure or begin the process of fully accelerating Biden’s team.

Abrams is credited with trying to get widespread voter registration in Georgia, which helped turn blue in the presidential race for the first time since 1992.

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