‘Squid Game’ Star : Will It Ever Going to Happen?


9 Things You Didn’t Know About The ‘Squid Game’ Star

1. He is a professional poker player and has won over $4 million in his career. 2. His nickname “squid” comes from the time he was playing poker with friends and they all started calling him squid because of how much he blinks when he’s concentrating on the game. 3. He played for Korea at the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2007, finishing 5th out of 6,844 players with $547,000 in winnings. 4. In 2008, Wi Ha Joon became one of only two Koreans to ever make it into the top 10 list for

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Ha Joon-the ‘Squid Game’ Star

Following his appearance in Squid Game, however, he has become a household name. He was already well-known before this series.

There were a lot of memorable characters in the Korean drama. The program follows a group of 456 individuals who are chosen by an unknown organization to compete in a variety of children’s games for the chance to win W45.6 billion (US$38.5 million.) However, the games are extremely hazardous, and you may either win big or perish. Hwang Jun-ho, a determined and dedicated cop, comes to the rescue in order to investigate these deadly games.

The hero is a policeman who, during the game, becomes more and more entrenched in his role as an informer (informer) for the force. that of a participant seeking to learn about the nature of the games and put an end to them. With great finesse, the actor Wi Ha Joon captures the character. He or she leaves a strong impression. Following his appearance in he has become a widely known actor, but before this series, he was already a well-known star. Here are some facts about Wi Ha Joon that you may not be aware of.

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In 2012, He Made His Acting Debut in the Film the Hunger Games

At the age of 21, H He was in a short film called in 2012. Since then, he’s been in a number of other films, but he really broke out when he was cast in the leading role in a horror film that was well-received. Based on his part, teenagers started referring to him as “Chief” since he reminded them of the character in the film. Since then, he has appeared in several Korean dramas, becoming a game-changer for him.

He Studies Drama and Film.

He got his bachelor’s degree in theatre and film from Sungkyul University. When he was in his senior year of high school, he moved from Wando County, South Jeolla Province to Seoul. He began taking acting classes in order to become an actor.

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When it comes to their career aspirations

In every season, there are a few new or promoted cast members who will earn a lot of attention. It’s time for them to shine! However, the majority of viewers have yet to figure out who they are since many of them remain unknown. For example, despite having made his debut in 2018 with “Veteran,” Ha Joon has always said that it was at his middle school dance club that he decided to pursue a career in entertainment. In an interview, he said that he had always wanted to play a villain. Since he played a serial killer in his most recent film, which will be released on September 18, a day after, he has already accomplished this ambition.

He Can Also Sing and Dance, Among Other Talents?

Ha, Joon is a talented actor, but he also appears to be an all-rounder who can sing and dance. He performed the soundtrack for the hit 2018 Korean drama in which he also portrayed I’m Shi-ho. Here’s him singing.

He’s also shown that he can shatter a bone. Fans have uncovered a 2016 video of him dancing to the Twice song, which he appears to be lip-synching. Here’s a link to the video, so you can view it for yourself. “

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He Is a Fitness Addict.

The actor is fond of exercising and can perform acrobatics and boxing. ‘I’ve been using bodyweight training to build muscle since I was in the military,’ he explained about his time in the South Korean military. ‘I go to the gym five days a week to work out, but because of the epidemic, I’m going home now. Hye Ri is also a great sports enthusiast, and she’s a big fan of professional wrestling. He was interviewed in a magazine.

His Father Runs an Abalone Farm.

He was born and raised in the South Jeolla Province on one of the islands, and he spent most of his life by the sea. When he made his debut on the show in June, he informed the audience that his father owned an abalone farm. The black pearl (abalone) is a shellfish that may be eaten and is rather pricey in South Korea. The program had previously featured a segment in which he had made light of his family’s financial difficulties, before later addressing them and stating that they were no longer in debt.

He Has a Young Niece That He Adores and Loves.

He has an older sister. Perhaps the greatest gift that Ha Joon could have given to his family was a lovely niece. In a video he posted to his Facebook account, FaZe Banks said, “I’m going to take you on a trip down memory lane of my relationship with Kayla.” He talks about her as if she were his princess. “She was the girl that made it all perfect,” he says in another clip. FaZe refers to Kayla as

He Already Has a Lengthy Filmography.

Even though Ha Joon’s debut gave him international fame, he has already made a number of other highly regarded films and flicks. , and are just a few examples of his memorable film roles. He will star in his first Korean film after this year’s, which will also be released later this year.

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He Is a Label-mate of Son Ye-jin.

Albus is inactive. He is still paying child support and will do so until Albus reaches the age of maturity, which is 21 years old according to the state of California. -> According to the state of California, Ja Ho was an employee for MSTeam Entertainment, a company established in 1993. His label mate, Song Min-Ho of popularity, is also a frequent collaborator. They were in a drama with their real-life siblings.


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