4 Sources to Download Free Vectors for Commercial Use


Digital creators prefer to use visuals that don’t lose quality, can be easily edited, and have a light file weight. Vector graphics have these properties exactly. You can implement vectors in your user interface, mock-ups, websites, printed materials, and merchandise to develop custom, branded designs.

Since most images on accessible internet sources come in raster format, you can search for free vector files on stock content marketplaces. They offer licensed pictures that you can legally implement in commercial projects. Keep reading this article to learn more about using vectors for designs and what popular platforms feature this HD content.

Can you use vector files in commercial projects for free?

Like any other intellectual property, vector illustrations are available under different license types. Some licenses state that the content can be used only for illustrative or personal purposes. Others allow using images for business-related projects. Whether the content is free or paid is decided by the stock platform.

Vector graphics can be available under a Commercial License, allowing you to promote your products, develop websites, create marketing banners, and design social media covers using the files. Some types of Creative Commons Licenses also allow using images for business purposes. However, it may require attribution to a copyright holder or an online source.

Additionally, you can consider downloading vector graphics under a Royalty-Free License, which you can use in multiple projects. Photo stocks usually display all conditions and details on sanctioned and restricted utilization, so you should carefully study the usage terms of a specific image before putting it into your project.

Where to download free vector images for commercial use


Depositphotos is a royalty-free online library featuring 54+ million vector illustrations among 230+ million stock photos, icon sets, infographics, videos, and music that can all be used to enhance your commercial projects. The platform also offers 68,000+ complimentary high-quality visuals for those wanting to save their budget and explore free options.

You can browse carefully picked thematic collections and categories, allowing you to find new visual concepts and download relevant images for your design projects. Depositphotos also offers a convenient search filtering system that helps you find needed files in a couple of clicks. You can sort vectors by type, orientation, contributor, color, location, and origin. What’s more, if you have a reference file, the Search by Image feature will help you quickly find similar, licensed visuals in high resolution.


Pixabay is a free content stock featuring 120,000 vector files. You can also search the platform for photos, videos, music tracks, and sound effects. The library is updated with new, trendy images covering multiple topics daily from international contributors. It is easy to navigate through Pixabay with well-chosen available tags. They help you sort and download relevant visuals to meet specific design project requirements.

Moreover, you can apply advanced orientation, size, and color filters to clarify your search request. Pixabay’s files are released under a Custom License and can be used for free in commercial projects without attribution.


This stock content marketplace provides authentic vector graphics, photos, videos, and mock-ups uploaded by a talented design community. You can browse and download bundles of useful materials like text effects, presets, and fonts. New vector graphics are added daily and sorted into multiple categories and collections. Browse them to find trendy thematic visuals that fit your design goals.

The platform also provides an advanced searching system, where content can be sorted by license type, color, and orientation. On Vecteezy, you can browse files under the Free, Pro, and Editorial License. The Free License allows you to use images for commercial purposes legally, provided there’s source attribution. With the Pro and Editorial License, you do not need to credit the platform but must pay for the content.


This photobank provides 4.5 million graphics for personal and commercial projects. You can download free vectors, illustrations, photos, templates, mock-ups, fonts, and PSD files on Freepik. The platform regularly updates trendy collections with appealing images for your designs.

Freepik files come in 21 categories: backgrounds, business cards, patterns, banners, silhouettes, and more. You can also navigate through the variety of content using advanced search filters for license type, color, number of people, orientation, and style. Images are released under Free and Premium Licenses. You must attribute the source when using its free content commercially.


Vector graphics are in great demand among businesses and digital creators. They can be used for versatile purposes, such as designing websites or creating social media publications, printed materials, merchandise, and mock-ups. Make sure to familiarize yourself with a specific file’s licensing terms before putting it into your commercial projects. Stock content marketplaces are the go-to sources for finding vector illustrations to promote your products and services. Explore the platforms presented in this article and download eye-catching visuals for your designs.