Sources – Tampa Bay Buccaneers shake off attack fort and launch AQ Shipley at center

Tampa Bay Buccaneers will wave their short arm attack fort on Sunday as sources say ESPN Ryan Jensen Transfer to custody and will be converted into a start-up center AQ Shipley To calculate the loss for starting the left guard Ali Marbet.

The NFL Network first announced attack line changes on Sunday morning, a week after Tampa Bay lost 38-3 to the New Orleans Saints.

Buchananers will be without a discarded Marbit for the second week straight due to a concussion. Bucks believes their plan to change this week will yield better results than last week’s 38-3 loss to the Saints Tom Brady 46.3% of his falls were under pressure – the highest against him since 2016.

Jensen started at the center in the first nine games of Tampa Bay this season. Shipley has not started yet this season, which is his first time with Tampa Bay, but Buchanan’s coach Bruce Arians’ favorite when he was with the Arizona Cardinals.

Last week, Bucks inserted a backup Joe Hawke He fought for Marpet’s place. Hack is a spinner, Shipley is more of a true interior attack lineup.

Bucks hopes the new combination on Sunday will see Shipley in the center and Jensen on left guard perform better until Marbet returns.

Shipley, an 11-year-old veteran, rejoined the Arians last season after spending the previous five years with the Cardinals.

Bucks ran just 8 yards in five attempts last Sunday night, and Brady was eliminated three times in the loss to the Saints.

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