Sources – Houston Rockets, Washington Guides Agree on Russell Westbrook-John Wall Agreement

Washington Wizards and Houston Rockets have agreed to trade two disgruntled star point guards, John Wall And Russell Westbrook, In a blockbuster deal, the sources told ESPN.

Guides send you to the first round of the Wall and Lottery Protected 2023 NBA Draft The two players chose the rockets for Westbrook in a deal they wanted and had sunk for several weeks, sources said.

Discussions have been stalled since mid-November, with two general managers, Washington’s Tommy Shepherd and Houston’s Rafael Stone, set to communicate by phone Tuesday afternoon, sources said. Sources said they reached an agreement within a few hours.

As for guides and rockets, it is hoped that the exchange of guards will play a role in convincing the two owners on each team to fire guards, Washington Bradley Peel And Houston James Horton, Wanting to stay longer with their teams. Horton has personally asked for a trade, and Peel could become a free agent in 2021.

Westbrook and mentors coach Scott Brooks has a long history, spending seven years as a player and coach in Oklahoma City.

Westbrook’s partnership with Horton in Houston lasted only one season and played a key role in planning the 2019 summer trade sent by the latest MVPs. Chris Paul To Oklahoma City with two first-round picks and two first-round transfer rights in exchange for West Brook.

Both Westbrook and Horton informed the Rockets in this office that they wanted to go elsewhere, especially in the case of Horton Brooklyn nets, sources said.

Houston’s position on Horton has not changed, a high – quality rocket source told ESPN that the team hopes to compete with the perennial MVP candidate on the list this season, and did not imagine a scene where Horton would be traded before the starter. According to sources, the Rockets know that any potential contract for Horton will require a revenue that includes a young, potential owner cornerstone and a massive selection package.

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Sources said Westbrook cited his desire to “play my game” and concerns about the normal culture of rockets. Westbrook was the third-team All-NBA pick with the Rockets in his season, averaging 27.2 points, 6.2 rebounds and 7.9 assists, 11 after recovering from knee surgery and embracing a new right despite a slow start. Annual in Oklahoma City.

Westbrook’s season ended on a sour note after the NBA’s Walt Disney World reported a late bubble due to corona virus reduction and strained his right quadriceps on the sowing schedule. The injury left Westbrook missing the first four games of the first round playoff series against his former team Thunder. He struggled when he came back, averaging 17.9 points and 4.6 assists while shooting 42.1% off the ground during playoffs.

The 32-year-old Westbrook has $ 133 million left in his contract for the remaining three seasons, with final year player preference. He has been an all-star in nine of the last 10 seasons and joined Oscar Robertson as the only player to average three times a season, thus making his last three campaigns for the Thunder.

Has not played tail since December 26, 2018, missing two seasons with Achilles and knee injuries. He owes 2 132 million in his contract, for another three years. Once upon a time, Wall and Peel were considered the best young backcourt of the league, but that future continued to be marred by tail injuries, and he has shown himself in office to have recovered much of his quick and explosiveness.

ESPN’s Tim McMahon and Om Youngmishuk contributed to the report.

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