Sophia Grace Net Worth: How Much Fortune Does She Have in 2022?

sophia grace net worth

As of 2022, Sophia Grace, an English singer, actress, and social media star, has a net worth of $1 million U.S. By putting covers on YouTube when she was young, she got the attention of her fans.

She first got noticed when her aunt put a video of her and her cousin Rosie McClelland singing a duet of Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Super Bass” on YouTube. In September 2011, the duo posted their cover of Super Bass on YouTube. It quickly went viral, with over 54 million views, and brought them a lot of attention in the music world.

Since then, she has become known as one half of the duo Sophia Grace & Rosie with her cousin Rosie McClelland, a singer. Aside from that, the pair became well-known because they were often on the famous Ellen DeGeneres Show. So, today we’ll talk about Sophia Grace’s total net worth, income sources, career, biography, and more.

Sophia Grace’s Net Worth

According to biooverview, As of 2022, it is thought that Sophia Grace’s net worth is around $1 Million. She is one of the best-known young singers in the British music business and quickly became famous. She first got a lot of attention when her cousin Rossie and her sister Sophia did a cover of Nicki Minaj’s song “Super Bass.”

In her music video “Hollywood,” which came out in 2017, WWE stars Lana, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Sasha Banks, and Naomi were among the artists who took part.

sophia grace net worth

Her primary source of income is the music industry, which includes things like hit songs and live shows. She also makes a lot of money from other things, like when Sophia and Rosie wrote “Tea Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie,” which came out in February 2013.

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This book was a big hit for them. When it first came out, it was number two on the New York Times list of best-selling children’s books. In 2017, Sophia had a big year because she started her clothing line called Why You Mad Merch.

Sophia makes a lot of money from her YouTube channel, which has more than 3.3 million followers. Sophia Grace makes about $250,000 per year. The young celebrity has many fans on social media, where she promotes brands like Just Dance, COLAB Dry Shampoo, Boots UK, and more.

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Early Life

Sophia Grace Brownlee was born on April 18, 2003, in Essex, England, to parents Dominic and Carly Brownlee, who had a stable family life. Her father, Dominic Brownlee, is a writer, producer, business owner, and music consultant. As Sophia grew up, her father helped her become interested in music.

sophia grace net worth

She grew up with her little sister, Belle Milliana Brownlee, and her cousin, Rosie McClelland, a singer, and YouTuber. Sophia says that she has a crush on Kermit the Frog. When it came to school, she went to school in Essex, London. Sophia was a teenager in Essex (England) and Los Angeles for most of that time (U.S.).

Singing Career

When Sophia Grace and her cousin Rosey did a cover of Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Super Bass,” they got a lot of attention. The duet quickly caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, a famous American talk show host. In October 2011, she invited Sophia and Rosey to appear on her show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The two girls were 8 and 5 years old then and became regulars on the show. Soon after, Sophia Grace and Rosie decided to start their performance, “Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie.

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They were in charge of the show and started inviting famous people to be interviewed over tea. Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Hugh Grant, Julie Bowen, Harry Connick Jr., Miley Cyrus, Reese Witherspoon, Justin Bieber, and L.L. Cool J were some guests they talked to. They got a lot of attention, and Sophia and Rosie even won the 2012 Teen Choice Awards for Choice Webstar.

Sophia Grace became a solo artist in 2013. Her first single, “Girls Just Gotta Have Fun,” and another hit, “Best Friends,” came out that year. Both songs were big hits and ended on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She also put out the official music video for Girls Just Gotta Have Fun, which has been watched over 240 million times on YouTube.

sophia grace net worth

SophiaGrantt is putting out more songs, like Hollywood, Got 2 Be, U.K. Girl, Why U Mad, Number 1 (with A.J. and Deno), CafeaturingZone, Handstand, LaLa, Tik Tok, Crew Remix (L.O.L. Surprise), Girls, Throw It Away, and Ready for Love. Soon after, she recorded a contract with Capitol Records France and released her third song, Girl in the Mirror, featuring Silentó. The song came out on iTunes on June 9, 2016.

Acting Career

She also did T.V. shows and movies in addition to putting out music. Sophia has been in several T.V. shows, such as Sam & Cat, TheBritBrats & RevengeOfTheBritBrats, and others.

In August 2013, Sophia’s representatives said she would play Little Red Riding Hood in the Disney movie version of Into the Woods. But Disney never gave their OK for the announcement.

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Sophi Grace and Rosie were in the 2014 Nickelodeon movie Sophia Grace & Rosie’s Royal Adventure. She was paid around $50,000 for her role in the film. The following year, she was chosen to be a judge at the Just Dance World Cup. Later in 2017, she became a judge on the A.B.C. reality shows The Toy Box for the first season. However, she didn’t join the show for the second season.

Frequently Asked Question

How Much Are Rosie and Sophia Grace Worth?

Sophia Grace is an English singer and social media star with a $1 million net worth. In April 2003, Sophia Grace was born in the English county of Essex. She is best known for singing with her cousin Rosie McClelland as half of the duo Sophia Grace & Rosie.

What Does Sophia Grace Do for a Living?

Sophia Grace is thought to make about $100,000 per year.

What’s Next for Sophia Grace?

Sophia Grace and Rosie are both trying to make a living as musicians. The music video for Sophia Grace’s latest single, “Little Things,” came out on May 6. Michael Rozman/Warner Bros. Rosie, whose full name is Rosie McClelland, published her single on Tuesday called “Safe in Your Love.”