Sony Reportedly Planning To Introduce A Bi-Sexual Spider-Man | Latest News


Is there any chance we’ll see a bi-sexual Spider-man in the near future? Let’s explore.

Sony has been exploiting the lucrative cash cow that is Spider-Man for far too long. The prior Spider-Man movies have done very well, and the animated Into the Spiderverse has shattered box office records.

Reports have now emerged that Sony has larger plans for Spider-Man. The development of a live-action Spider-Man bi-sexual spinoff is one of those major ideas.

The source that broke the news of Taskmaster being Black Widow’s main villain and the announcement of She-Hulk getting her own Disney+ show has now confirmed a bisexual Spider-Man.

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In the past, following a crossover with Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon or comics, there have been hints that Spider-Man is not quite straight. While it may seem strange, a bi-sexual Spider-Man seems very real in this case.

Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire, and Andrew Garfield will most likely star in the live-action Spider-verse. It’s highly likely that Andrew Garfield will star as Spider-man when the sequel comes out, and he’ll have a partner in it.

Garfield is open to the concept of his Spider-man being gay, as he stated in 2013 that he was down for it.

Gwen Stacy was killed in the conclusion of The Amazing Spider-man 2. In the Andrew Garfield universe, we would normally expect Peter to hook up with Mary Jane Watson, but in this reality, Peter might go on to a lover.

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In this case, Mario Jane Watson is a viable option! Or Marty Jane Watson.

Rumors have it that the Spider-verse may be included in the Disney Plus MCU series, with suggestions that Tobey Maguire could appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, and if a bi Peter Parker is being introduced into the Spider-verse, it’s entirely up to Sony. We’ll keep you informed of any news regarding the live-action Spider-verse films.


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