Snapchat Loading Screen Error: How to Solve Tap to Load Error of Snapchat?

Snapchat Loading Screen Error

When you open Snapchat, does the screen stay black? Or, when you tap on a conversation or snap, do you see “Loading” or “Tap to Load”? This tutorial shows you how to fix that in several ways.

When the Snapchat app on iPhone or Android can’t talk to its servers, it will show a lot of loading screens. This can be caused by a lot of things, like a slow internet connection, a server going down, or an app cache that isn’t working right.

To fix the problem with the loading screen on your iPhone or Android device when using Snapchat, work your way through the many tips and remedies listed below.

Verify That You Are Connected to the Internet

Check to see if something is wrong with your iPhone or Android’s internet connection. At, you can load or play something in a browser or do a speed test.

Snapchat Loading Screen Error

Try the following fixes if the connection seems slow:

  • To turn on or off Airplane Mode, open your phone’s Control Center or Quick Settings pane and tap the icon for Airplane Mode. Then, wait a few seconds and tap the icon again.
  • Restart Router: If you’re using Wi-Fi, turn off your router and wait at least a minute before turning it back on. If you can’t get to it, try resetting the Wi-Fi lease on your phone.
  • Change to a Different Network or Use Mobile Data: If you can, switch your iPhone or Android to a different network and see if that helps. You can also switch between Cellular and Wi-Fi.

In Order to Fix Snapchat, You Must Force-quit

If there’s nothing wrong with your internet, try force-quitting the Snapchat app and starting it back up again. Most of the time, that helps fix random bugs that stop the app from talking to its servers.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen or tap the App Switcher button to bring up the app switcher, then swipe the Snapchat card off the screen. Then, wait a few seconds and try to open the app again.

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View the Current Status of Snapchat’s Servers

If the Snapchat servers are experiencing issues, it is possible that the “Loading” or “Tap to Load” windows will appear. Check the current status of Snapchat’s system by going to Down Detector. If it looks like you cannot reach it, you will need to wait while Snapchat fixes the problem.

Restart Either Your Apple Iphone or Android Device

A quick reboot of your iPhone or Android phone is an additional method that can be used to fix strange difficulties in Snapchat and other applications.

Snapchat Loading Screen Error

Launch the Settings application on your iOS device, navigate to General > Shutdown, and then force the device to power off. After approximately ten seconds, turn the iPhone back on by depressing and holding the Power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Snapchat’s Data Saver Should Be Turned Off

The Data Saver mode on Snapchat helps save bandwidth, but it’s also the cause of many loading screen issues. Check to see if the feature is on and turn it off if it is.

  • Open Snapchat and tap your bitmoji in the top left corner of the screen. Tap Settings in the upper right corner.
  • Scroll down until you see the section for “Additional Services,” then tap “Manage.” Tap Data Saver under Privacy Control on an Android phone.
  • If the switch next to “Data Saver” is on, turn it off.

It’s Time for a Snapchat Update

Fixes for previously discovered bugs are usually always included in newer Snapchat versions. If the issue still occurs, you should attempt to install them. To accomplish this, visit either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and look for the Snapchat app. If you find it, touch the Update button on the app’s page.

Install Snapchat Again on Your Mobile Device

If none of the solutions described above work, you will need to delete Snapchat and then reinstall it. This can fix problems that may have been caused by an app installation that was corrupted. To delete Snapchat from your iPhone, go to the Home screen, long-press the Snapchat symbol, and then select Remove App > Delete App from the menu that appears.

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To delete an application from your Android device, press and hold it while dragging it into the Trash at the top of the screen. After that, you should reinstall the application via the App Store or the Google Play Store.


When the Snapchat app can’t talk to its servers, it will show loading screens. This can be caused by a lot of things, like a slow internet connection or a server going down. Use these tips to fix the problem with the many tips and remedies listed below. Snapchat’s Data Saver mode should be turned off if you’re using an Android or iOS device.

Delete Snapchat from your iPhone and then reinstall the app via the App Store or Google Play Store. This can fix problems that may have been caused by a corrupted Snapchat installation.