Skdrdp Scholarship Online Application 2021: How to Fill Out an Application for a Scholarship From the Skdrdp?

skdrdp scholarship online application 2021

Every so often, the government of the Indian state of Karnataka may publish new openings for a variety of positions within the bureaucracy. It is for those individuals who are interested in running for office and hail from the state of Karnataka.

The Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project has established a variety of facilities with the intention of fostering economic growth in the state of Karnataka’s rural areas.

The state administration is working toward the goal of making life better for those who live in rural areas. You would obtain a lot of information on numerous programs, including the daily government initiatives taken by the state to enhance the lives of their residents, and it is vital to highlight that you would acquire this information.

Community health, women’s empowerment, agriculture, the Krishi Utsav, chances for microfinance, and a great many other things are all brought together by the SKDRP India.

How Can I Obtain an Application for the Skdrdp Scholarship in 2021?

Instructions for filling out the scholarship application form for the SKDRDP
The SKDRDP is now accepting applications from students who are from low-income families.

skdrdp scholarship online application 2021

Each year, the state provides these merit scholarships to bright and deserving high school students who are in need of a little bit of financial assistance. The submission period has begun for approximately 8,000 available scholarships.

The scholarship is being made available to students in a number of underdeveloped areas within the state. At this time, the regions of Dharwad, Kodagu, and Udupi as well as the districts of Dakshina Kannada, Uttar Kannada, Chikmaglur, Shimoga, and Haveri are some of the areas that are being attacked.

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How to Fill Out an Application for a Scholarship From the Skdrdp?

Visit the SKDRDP website, and then proceed with the instructions that are listed below.

  • Please log in to access the site.
  • Click on the application form for the scholarship that is available on the site once you have logged in or registered with the site.
  • Verify each and every one of the information. Complete the form, and then send it in using the method of your choice: online or snail mail.
  • The address that is given on the form is the location to which you are required to deliver the form, as well as any required certifications and mark cards.
  • When completing your application online, you are needed to upload any additional certificates that may be necessary. They will also seek documentation of your age and salary in addition to proof that you are a permanent resident.


  • Scholarships will be awarded to families whose combined annual income is less than Rs. 42,000.
  • Students who are economically disadvantaged or who are members of a variety of student self-help groups are the focus of this activity.

skdrdp scholarship online application 2021

  • Students are required to be residents of the state of Karnataka on a permanent basis.
  • In order to determine the eligibility of the students, it is necessary for them to be enrolled in an educational institution and to provide class certificates.


Students coming from families with lower incomes who have demonstrated academic excellence are eligible to receive financial assistance from the government in the form of scholarships under the Sujnananidhi Scholarship program.

The students are able to finish their educations with the assistance of this benefit, and their right to receive an education is not hindered.

The financial assistance provided by the government is frequently the last resort for many families. Students only need to be on the lookout for new scholarship opportunities that are regularly being released by the government in order to qualify for these rewards.

Last Date

The deadline for this year’s scholarship program has not yet been determined and will not be notified until later.


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