Six Trending Celebrity News You Should Check Out

Six Trending Celebrity News You Should Check Out

We’ve never had a shortage of celebrity news in various parts of the world. It is part of the fame for famous people to be in the news for the slightest things. Either they are talking about their personal life, or we are getting a glimpse into what is to come. For instance, there is a leak whenever a sports personality makes College Basketball picks

Celebrities try to be discreet, but as we’re in the information age, we get snoops into their lives, and in the end, the information they are trying to protect gets into the public. It can be for something as small as their College Basketball picks today to what type of cloth they decided to wear for a date. They are always in the news. 

In light of that, we’re bringing some interesting trending celebrity news that we think you might want to know about. Not to worry, these are news with some substance, not what teams are in their College Basketball predictions. So, let’s get into them. 

Event to Remember Jamal Edwards

Jamal Edwards would have been 32 this year, but his life was cut short after receiving an MBE. He was a British music entrepreneur and the founder of the budding R&B/Hip-Hop platform SB.TV. His death was said to have happened shortly after suffering from a heart attack due to cocaine and alcohol. 

He was announced dead in February this year, and since his birthday is coming up, his mother has decided to throw a celebration in honor of him, and we would expect some significant stars to be in attendance. Ed Sheeran is one of the most notable names on the list, and it promises to be an eventful night. 

Sean Connery Gets Recognition Through Pinewood Latest Sound Stage Naming

All James Bond movie lovers know and love Sean Connery’s impact on the franchise and role. He embodied the character and is among the most celebrated James Bonds today. Sean Connery filmed many movies with Pinewood Studios, and it is no doubt that he deserves accolades for his role in the rise of the studio.

Connery would have been gearing to celebrate his 92nd birthday this year, and as a result, the studio is honoring the star by naming its new sound stages after the late actor. It would be a way to keep his name in the industry’s history, and for generations to come, Sean Connery won’t be forgotten for his massive contributions. 

Director Olivia Wilde Served Legal Documents from Ex-Partner at CinemaCon

During her speech at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, while talking about her new thriller film, Don’t Worry Darling, Olivia Wilde was handed a brown envelope. She was surprised after reading the content inside. There were many uproars after the incident, which showed the lack of security as it was easy to get to her. 

She even claimed that it was upsetting and scary. Wilde and her ex, Jason Sudeikis, were together between 2011 and 2020 before they decided to go separate ways. Many eyebrows have been raised towards Sudeikis. However, the star claimed he didn’t know how the papers would be delivered. 

Hope Street Returns in BBC NI Autumn Schedule

If you’re a fan of the daytime police drama, brace yourself for a second season as Hope Street is set to return following the announcement of the autumn TV Schedule by BBC Northern Ireland. We can expect to see new faces, hear new voices, and get new themes. It is gearing to be an exciting one just yet.

In the announcement, the producers claim that the project will come with high energy, punchy new commissions, and a blend of drama. We can also expect comedy, arts, documentaries, entertainment, and lifestyle programming. The goal is to keep the audience engaged and entertained. 

Capitol Music Group Drops AI Rapper Over Stereotyping

After signing their first artificial intelligence musician with a black male cyborg appearance, Capitol Music Group faced backlash. The record label then had to cut ties with the rapper after it received criticism from the public for racial stereotyping, including repeating the N-word slur in various tracks. 

During the announcement, the group went ahead to offer its sincere apologies to the community for the insensitivity on their part. We don’t know what would come of the AI Rapper, FN Meka, in the future, but his social media following shows that he might make it, given how massive and viral his videos get. 

Coldplay Includes Additional Cardiff Date

After overwhelming demand for the band’s tour, the group decided to extend their show in Cardiff in 2023. They would be adding an extra show in the Summer of 2023. As a result, most of the fans in the queues can get access to the show. It might not be too late to become part of the tour.