Siesta Key Season 5: Updates You Need to Know Today!

Siesta Key Season 5

There will be the fifth season of MTV’s successful reality series The Real World. On the heels of the show’s debut in 2017, it chronicles the lives of four Siesta Key residents. Unfortunately, MTV has yet to announce whether or not the program will be renewed for a fifth season.

“Siesta Key” season five might premiere in the second quarter of 2022, based on the earlier statement that filming for the fourth season started in late 2020, six months before it premiered on MTV. Assuming, of course, that the show gets renewed in the near future.

Siesta Key Season 5

MTV producers Daniel Blau Rogge and Jennifer Aguirre work with Tara Long on the show’s production for Entertainment One.

MTV’s former Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County series served as inspiration for this show, which follows the lives of students at Laguna Beach High School.

Siesta Key Season 5 Release Date

MTV has yet to confirm whether or not the television series will be renewed for a fifth season at this time. The fifth season of “Siesta Key” will most likely premiere in the second half of 2022, based on the fact that production on the fourth season began in late 2020, six months before the show’s first broadcast on MTV. The fourth season of the show began airing on May 12, 2021.

Our patience will be tested because we are unsure of when we will view the series in its entirety. Season 4 of The Walking Dead ended up production in August, around six months after it began.

There has been no official announcement regarding season 5 as of yet, but if the current trend continues, we will have to wait a long time before learning when it will air. It is expected to be launched in 2022 at the earliest.

Recap of the Season at Siesta Key

Sarasota, Florida is the setting for the series, which follows a group of friends. A diverse group of well-to-do young adults is learning to navigate and deal with a variety of interpersonal interactions, including romantic ones, betrayal, jealousy, and heartache.

For Siesta Key Season 5, the friction between Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens’ competing swimwear lines, as well as the surprising announcement that Madison Hausburg was pregnant during the series reunion, will likely be the driving force behind it, according to the Herald-Tribune.

Siesta Key Season 5 Cast

The following people appear in this reality show:

Garret Miller (Archaon: The Halloween Summoning), Juliette Porter, Stephen Colletti (One Tree Hill), Kristin Cavallari (Very Cavallari), Chloe Trautman, Lo Bosworth
In light of Alex Kompothecras’ previous Instagram posts showing him shooting a shark, dragging a live shark behind a boat, and generally acting racist and fat-phobic, MTV decided to part ways with him.

Chloe Trautman, a former cast member, is also unlikely to return because she has stated that reality programs are harmful. And Trautman may have taken a break from the show for her own mental health.

Siesta Key Season 5 Trailer

Season five’s first trailer has not yet been released, but you can check out the one from season four below.