Is There Going to Be a “Sicario” 3?


The third installment of the Sicario series is set to release in late 2022. If you’re looking for a ‘Sicario 3’ to watch, then you have to wait till 2022 or it will take more time to come.

It’s directed by Stefano Sollima and stars Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin, Isabela Moner, Jeffrey Donovan, and Catherine Keener.

This film will be an intense thriller that follows Alejandro Gillick (Benicio Del Toro) as he joins forces with CIA agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) in order to take down Mexican drug lord Fausto Alarcón (Isabela Moner). Read this article for more information.

Everything We Know So Far About ‘Sicario’ 3

Are things still moving ahead with ‘Sicario 3’ as we were told in 2018?

This article was just recently reviewed, and it is still accurate as of March 8, 2021.

Despite the criticism and a boycott call from Ciudad Juarez, the action thriller ‘ ‘ gained considerable success when it was released in 2015.

It was three years later when a sequel was released, and its open-ended conclusion implies that a third film is in the works.

What’s the current position of ‘ 3? Is it happening? Here’s a quick rundown of what we know.

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Is There Going to Be a “Sicario” 3?

In an interview with Screenrant in April 2018, producer Trent Luckinbill stated that a third Sicario film is already underway.

More than two years have passed since Sicario 2’s release, yet there are no further updates about the third movie. It’s conceivable that interest in the film series has waned, especially given its pricey production cost.

Unfortunately, the abandonment is a shame because ‘s screenplay, direction, musical score, and cinematography are all praised highly, not to mention Blunt’s and del Toro’s performances.

Fans were disappointed when Blunt was not in the sequel, and there were reports that producers were considering reintegrating her for “The Predator” in 2018.

Perhaps, if Emily Blunt returns for another sequel, there will be the third film.

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What Is the Story of ‘Sicario,’ and What Will Happen in ‘Sicario’ 3?

A principled FBI agent is assigned by a government task force to bring down the head of a powerful and violent drug cartel in “El Gordo” (The Tall One). The sequel, which focused more on human trafficking than drugs because Blunt was no longer in the picture, took a turn.

If there is to be the third installment, it will most likely follow on from the conclusion of Sicario 2.

In the sequel, Alejandro survives a gunshot to the face from a novice gang member, Miguel, who was compelled to do so. The conclusion occurs a year after the incident, with the recovered Alejandro seemingly attempting to recruit Miguel.

In the conclusion, a potential apprentice relationship is being established for the two for the next film. We’re hoping that if Sicario 3 happens, Miguel will collaborate with Alejandro and possibly cross paths with Blunt’s character again.

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Who Is Returning for ‘sicario 3’?

There have been no fresh updates or announcements about ‘ 3 in the past years,’ including casting details, in recent months.

However, if a third film is made, it’s likely that Josh Brolin would reprise his role as CIA officer Matt Gravert.

Thomas Wayne will be played by Bruce Greenwood, and alongside him, Benicio del Toro has been cast as former prosecutor turned assassin Alejandro Gillick. Steve Forcing will be portrayed by Jeffrey Donovan.

It would also be fascinating to follow the character’s progress after the traumatic events of the initial film, especially since she was left emotionally stunted in that story.

‘Sicario’ Official Trailer

As of this writing, the fate of “3” is unknown.

Please send us any new information you have right away. Once we receive more information, we will immediately change this page.


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