When Shrek released in 2001, it permanently transformed the landscape of animated cinema. It twisted the fairytale narrative with absurd trope-smashing characters, a catchy music, and a lovely message of self-discovery, and it was a smart mix of sardonic adult comedy and pastoral, kid-friendly whimsy. Shrek 2 was released in 2002, Shrek 3 was released in 2007, and Shrek Forever After was released in 2010. Shrek 5 was first announced in 2016, but there hasn’t been much news about it in the years following.

The fifth chapter in the famous franchise has had a rough time in production, but fans will be relieved to learn that it is still in the works. Despite changes in direction and stories, it appears to be on its way out of purgatory for a release in 2022. Here’s all we know about the upcoming Shrek film, which might be the most thrilling Shrek ever!

Despite the fact that news concerning the beloved fairytale spoof has stalled, there are still rays of optimism for Shrek fans who have been waiting for a new film for the past decade. Even though development is primarily cloaked in secrecy, rumors regarding the narrative and a probable release date have kept it in the headlines and on fans’ thoughts. Whether Shrek 5 stays true to the franchise’s roots or ventures into new terrain, it’s long overdue!

Who Will in the Cast of Shrek 5?

Since the release of Shrek Forever After in 2010, the original cast has been eagerly anticipating the continuation of Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and the rest of the Kingdom of Duloc’s colorful residents.


Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, and Cameron Diaz have declared that they will shoot a new Shrek film as soon as a screenplay is available, which is a significant commitment for performers who have waited a decade for their dream. Fiona may have to be written out of the plot due to Diaz’s well-publicized retirement from acting in 2014 to raise a family.

Shrek 5 Will Hit with an All-New Shrek Story

Shrek was an angry misanthrope who liked to dwell in his swamp and avoid social interaction until a talking donkey and a mission to save a princess ruined his intentions to “die miserable and alone,” despite being one of Dreamworks’ greatest characters. Even ogres proved to be able to enjoy a happy ever after once he married Fiona and they started their own family.


So, in a new Shrek film, what could possibly destabilize their idyllic lifestyle? Teenagers. Shrek 5 might center on Shrek and Fiona’s chaotic existence as parents of a gang of teens, according to DevDiscourse. If they’re half as obstinate as their parents, their antics will undoubtedly be immensely amusing -and/or educational.

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What Could We Expect from Shrek 5?

According to rumors, Shrek 5 will have an entirely new Shrek tale. Shrek Forever After, released in 2010, was about Shrek’s desire to return to the days when he felt like a true ogre. He makes a bargain with Rumpelstiltskin in the hopes of reliving the past, but he is misled and ends up in a parallel realm.

The plot of the new Shrek may not focus on Shrek and Fiona as individuals, but rather on their teenage children. Shrek 5 is said to be about the two raising a group of youngsters who are more obstinate than their parents, according to speculations.


There isn’t much detail about DreamWorks’ Shrek 5 out there right now. The film’s most recent update occurred in 2018, when Chris Meledandri, the creator and CEO of Illumination, discussed Shrek 5. In an interview with Variety, the producer discussed the Shrek franchise’s sequels as well as Puss in Boots.

Is There Any Trailer for Shrek 5?

Several fan-made trailers have been published to video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and others. There is no official trailer for Shrek 5. It has yet to get an official teaser or sample from DreamWorks Animation.

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Shrek 5 Script Has Been for Years

For some years, the creator of such critically acclaimed comedies as Boss Baby and other Dreamworks movies has had a draught for Shrek 5 ready. Michael McCullers has referenced the concept in interviews for his other successful franchises a few times, but he hasn’t revealed anything about the narrative.

He said in the same interview with The Hollywood Reporter that the script is still personal to him and means a lot to him. Recognizing that the script is more than a few years old at this time, it will very certainly require adjustments, especially because so many members of the creative team have likely had to shift.

Shrek 5 Has the Potential to Revitalize the Franchise

Despite the fact that there have been four previous films, Shrek 5 is not expected to start up where Shrek Forever After left off. Instead, it may be a standalone adventure with only a passing reference to the series. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, writer Michael McCullers said that “it’s got a fairly substantial reinvention behind it” that he can’t tell, but that it appears to be on the verge of a relaunch.


A revival of the film would be tough to fathom, especially if a new cast was gathered to play the popular characters. It could be more acceptable if it’s a stand-alone film that only shows the characters in cameos and instead depicts a separate tale in the Kingdom of Duloc.

Release Date of Shrek 5

Shrek 5 was supposed to be released in late 2020, but production wasn’t scheduled to begin until then, making a 2021 release date more plausible. The release date had been pushed back once more to enable a rigorous animation schedule, since production had yet to begin owing to measures around the worldwide health epidemic.

It’s becoming more likely than ever that the next Shrek film will be released in late 2022, even if filming doesn’t start until 2021. In an article, Looper said that Shrek 5 will be released in cinemas on September 30th, 2022, and will be available on streaming services in November. A new Shrek film was released every three years at the height of the franchise’s success. With each new release date modification, it’s tough to determine whether or not interest in the picture will continue to grow.

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