Shirine Boutella: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The ‘Lupin’ Star


After establishing her own social media presence, Shirine Boutella moved into the film and television industry.

Shirine Boutella stood out as Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem in Netflix’s ‘.’

Although ‘can be considered as the actress’ breakthrough series, Shirine has been performing on screen since 2015.

Let’s find out some of the things you may not know about Shirine Boutella, from establishing her Youtube and social media brand to getting cast in one of Netflix’s most popular series.

Shirine Boutella Is a Celebrity Influencer

Shirine Boutella has been making waves on the internet for years, long before she grabbed our attention through television screens. Shirine Boutella joined the internet scene via an active Youtube and Instagram account.

According to Online Marketing Today, “the combination of Vine and social media has allowed celebrities like Kim Kardashian West to amass an army of dedicated followers.” While Kim’s Youtube account has over 500 thousand subscribers, her Instagram has over 2 million followers. The final point is that researchers regularly collaborate.

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Shirine Boutella’s Youtube Channel Has Almost 20 Million Views.

Since 2015, the actress has been developing her influencer career, and it’s paid off handsomely. As of this publication, her YouTube channel has almost 20 million views.

Shirine Boutella Is Multilingual. English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

Shirine is fluent in French, Arabic, English, and German – all difficult languages to master.

Shirine Boutella Is a 30-year-old Actress.

The actress may appear young, but she is in fact 30 years old. She is the daughter of Christian and Angelica. She was born on August 22, 1990.

Shirine Boutella Is an Algerian Woman.

After we’d finished filming, we each moved on. We didn’t go out with her for a while because we were both seeing other people, but eventually, the connection grew so strong that one day I found me inviting her to my birthday party and she accepted!

Shirine Boutella Is a Lover of Dogs.

In December, the actress added a female puppy to her family, and she encourages people to support organizations that promote the well-being of these wild animals.

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Shirine Boutella Is Engaged to a Wonderful Husband

It’s a shame to burst your bubble, but Shirine Boutella is no longer available romantically. The actress, who showed a few photos of her and her husband, who frequently faces away from the camera.

It’s easy to guess who her spouse is. Very little is known about him, but it makes sense. It’s difficult to find safety and privacy when you’re in a relationship with someone well-known.

Shirine Boutella Enjoys Eating and Reading Good Books

It’s no secret that the actress has a gift for excellent cuisine and reading, which is something you can get from her Youtube and Instagram posts.

Shirine Boutella, like the rest of us, enjoys eating delicious food and uploading photographs of it on social media. She’s also not hesitant to share a few photographs of her reading books and periodicals.

Shirine Boutella Had a Role in an Algerian Film Before starring in Lupin.

In 2019, Shirine was in Papicha, a film set in the 1990s that follows a fashion design student who battles religious fanaticism during the Algerian Civil War.

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Shirine Boutella Is A Great Make-up Artist

After her success in the film and television industry, Shirine produced videos testing out different make-up products. Being a model, an influencer, and an actress is no easy task. Shirine undoubtedly understands how to handle it.


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