Ships sailed internationally in the United States in July or August

Shipping companies such as Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean wanted to resume voyages from US ports in July or August after a long hiatus due to the epidemic.

Norway described in a statement on Monday (24) that its first ship had departed from a US city – ceasing operations in March 2020 – departing from Seattle on August 7 and reserved for fully vaccinated passengers.

Carnival on Friday plans to re-launch its three subsidiaries, Princess Cruise, Holland America Line and Carnival Cruise Line – Seattle and Alaska from July 24th.

The Royal Caribbean announced on the same day that the voyage between Seattle and Alaska would resume in July.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), America's leading federal public health agency, issued new rules in early May that allow cruise ships to return to sea under strict conditions.

"We have been waiting a long time to announce departures from the United States," Norway Cruise Line CEO Harry Somer said in a statement Monday.

Vaccination against Govt-19 will be mandatory for trips to Carnival and the Royal Caribbean to travel to Alaska. The company said the mandatory requirement would apply to those over 12 years of age until August 1.

The CDC says everyone on board, all passengers and workers should be vaccinated.

However, the governor of Florida, who travels on many ships in the United States, approved an order in April to prevent companies from testing their customers against the virus.

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