Shipping Wars Cast: Who Is The New Cast On Shipping Wars?


There was a time when a show’s cancellation meant it was gone for good. In recent years, though, we’ve seen some canceled shows resurrected for a variety of reasons.

Shipping Wars on A&E is the latest show to get a second shot, and fans are overjoyed. The show follows a gang of shippers that have carved out a place for themselves by shipping exceedingly enormous and strange objects.

Shippers compete in auctions to win shipments, and things may become heated. Shipping Wars, now in its eighth season, is ready to resume up where it left off. Continue reading to learn more about the Shipping Wars cast.

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Springer Marc

Marc Springer has been a regular on Shipping Wars since season one, and he has quickly become a fan favorite. When he originally began his career in shipping, it was merely a means of supplementing his income as his first firm struggled.

Shipping Wars Cast

He is still involved with shipping after all of these years, and he isn’t afraid to become a little competitive. Marc appears to be a somewhat low-key individual outside of his employment and his involvement on the show.

Davie Dusty

With a name like Dusty Davie, this guy is difficult to forget. He joined the cast around season six, and many fans think he’s been a good addition. He comes from a family with a long history in the trucking industry, so the breadth of his expertise is amazing.

At the same time, he is determined to forge his own path. He never backs down from a challenge and is eager to transport almost anything.

Brennan Jennifer

Shipping Wars Cast

Jennifer Brennan is another cast member who has been with the show since its inception. Some may underestimate Jennifer, yet she is just as fierce and capable as any other shipper.

She isn’t afraid of large loads, and she’s transported some unusual items throughout the years. Jennifer is a proud and devoted mother who enjoys spending time with her family outside of work.

Joyce Jarrett

Jarrett Joyce may not have as much shipping experience as some of the other people on the show, but that has never stopped him from succeeding.


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However, because he is a novice, he has been saddled with several cargoes that others have passed on. Needless to say, he’s transported some unusual items, such as kittens and a Civil War cannon.

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Samko Jessica

Jessica Samko might easily feel intimidated in an industry dominated primarily by men. In reality, many of the men she works with are likely intimidated by her.

Shipping Wars Cast

Jessica is the type of girl who doesn’t take bullshit from anyone and is always eager to do whatever is required. Sure, she lacks the expertise of some of the other cast members, but her determination compensates.

Tamara and Todd Sturgis

There are many shippers who fly solo, but Todd and Tamara Sturgis have discovered that there is a lot of power in working together.

Shipping Wars Cast

They started their shipping jobs shortly after getting married, and they had no idea they’d still be doing it more than 20 years later.

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Despite their opposing points of view, they always manage to balance each other out. They both enjoy spending time outside when they have to time off from work.

Robbie Welsh and Christopher Hannah

Christopher has been driving trucks for over a decade and has established himself as a successful business that specialized in hauling unique products. Even though he devotes a significant amount of time to his business, it is not his sole priority.

He is a devoted husband and father who enjoys spending time with his family and being outside. Robbie, his wife, is a crucial member of his team and works just as hard as he does.

Anyone who believes he simply keeps her around because of their relationship should reconsider.

Lloyd Bill

Bill Lloyd isn’t a cast member in the same way that everyone else on the list is, but he’s still a vital component of the program. Bill has been narrating Shipping Wars since 2014, and he has always added something unique to the show. He’s worked on a number of other shows throughout the years, including Crime 360.


Shipping Wars is a well-known reality television show. From January 10, 2012, through April 29, 2015, it aired on A&E. The ninth season began on November 30, 2021. The series revolves entirely around independent shippers.

They’d learned that money could be made hauling enormous objects that typical carriers couldn’t or wouldn’t transport. They will compete in timed auctions for shipments held by Ship.

It is a massive online auction house for independent shippers. Shipping Wars follows six freelance shippers who have realized that there is money to be gained shipping products that established carriers will not touch.

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