Shimoneta Season 2: Has Shimoneta Season 2 Been Resurrected, or Canceled?

Shimoneta Season 2

Shimoneta Season 2-Even though there is a tonne of anime programs out there, the anime genre is a lot more diverse than most people realize. Action and fantasy series abound in Japanese animation, but so do shows that are more lighthearted and deal with problems that are significant to Japan and the creators of such shows.

“Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist” (short for “Shimoneta”) takes place in a dystopian future Japan where language and behavior that the government considers immoral are the norms.

Citizens of Japan are compelled to carry a tracker with them at all times, which records their voices and tracks their movements around the country. As part of an anti-government rally, a young Japanese guy is coerced into joining an extremist terrorist group. After the first season, many in Japan and the United States are wondering when the second season of “Shimoneta” will be released.

Shimoneta Season 2


Shimoneta Season 2 Cast

There are two separate voice actors for “Shimoneta”: one for the show’s Japanese dub and one for the English dub. The Japanese actress who played Anna, Miyu Matsuki, died soon after the first season of the show aired (via Anime News Network). A second season of the show was never mentioned because the first one was canceled.

Shimoneta Season 2

Although Matsuki died, the show’s producers might still find a new voice for Anna in the event of a second season. It is expected that Yusuke Kobayashi and Shizuka Ishigami as Tanukichi Okuma and Josh Grelle (Tanukichi Okuma) as well as Jamie Marchi (Ayame Kajô) and Monica Rial (Anna) for the English-language version will remain if the show returns for a second season. First, an English dub would be made of the show’s original Japanese audio.

Has Shimoneta’s Second Season Been Resurrected, or Canceled?

When we first came in December, the creators told us that the show would premiere in late 2020, but when we asked again in January, they responded, “We’ll do the show in 2021.” A delay due to Kovid-19 is a possibility; however, because everything is now under control, we can expect the series to premiere in 2021.

Season 2 of Shimoneta will be produced by JC Staff, the same studio that was responsible for the previous season. He had made no decision about the show’s second season, not even if it would be renewed or canceled.

What Is the Release Date of Shimoneta Season 2?

Given the lack of news about a second season, it’s likely that “Shimoneta” will never return. Since the first season aired in 2015, the show’s creative team hasn’t worked together on a project in a long time. Because the show hasn’t been formally canceled, there’s still a chance “Shimoneta” will air again in the future.

Shimoneta Season 2

Unlike many American television shows, Japanese animation does not follow a strict schedule. Before returning to projects like “Shimoneta,” the creative team can take a break and focus on other projects. Alternatively, while the series’ future is undetermined, viewers are anxious to learn more about the show’s characters and setting. No release date or dubbed version for North American audiences has been announced in the case that further “Shimoneta” is in the works.

Shimoneta Season 2 Plot

Because the show was not renewed, the plot for the next second season has yet to be finalized. The first season of the show, which included 12 episodes, was adapted from two volumes of a short novel. There were a total of 12 novels released in the series, so a second season would have enough material to work with.

Shimoneta Season 2

The series’ first season concludes with the discovery of an old house filled with indecent and repulsive artifacts. The main characters in the show, who all pledge that these artifacts would be delivered to the world at some point, could serve as motivation for writers who embark on this task.

A lot of material is available, but it’s not clear if there is enough interest in the show to justify making more episodes. Until that decision is made, fans will have to make do with the 12 episodes they have.