The Shia LaBeouf New Movie: Pieces of a Woman

shia labeouf new movie

Are you a Shia LaBeouf fan? Are you the kind of person who watches his movies first-day first show? Be ready to see a big smile on your face. Shia LaBeouf new movie, i.e., Pieces of a Woman is going to be the topic for today.

Through this article, I wish to share all the insights about the movie, to the best of my abilities. Let’s start with a brief intro to the topic. Kindly go through the article in totality.


The movie starts with a man named Sean (Shia LaBeouf) leaves the place of work to be with his accomplice, Martha (Vanessa Kirby). He chips away at building an extension in Boston.

Their first child is expected at any moment, yet when the opportunity arrives, things don’t work out as expected.

Most guardians, obstetricians, and birthing assistants will tell you, that is normal. The child comes when it needs, regardless of whether the maternity specialist isn’t around for their home birth.

Yet, over a couple of brief minutes in the film, Martha’s shouts of birthing torment offer a way to a child’s first cries. The guardians are elated over their new dear baby.

The substitution maternity specialist (Molly Parker), a substitute for the couple’s best option, lets out a murmur of alleviation. Be that as it may, the cheerful second is fleeting. Something turns out badly, and everybody pauses their breathing as paramedics surge in.

Individualized organization Wéber, who composed the film, put together its focal misfortune for the experience of losing her kid with Mundruczó, her imaginative accomplice for “White God” and “Jupiter’s Moon.”

For their third cooperation, the essayist chief group burrowed profoundly, uncovering the aggravation brought about by off-kilter gazes and the seclusion that accompanies losing a child.

“Pieces of a Woman” is at its most grounded while investigating those enormous quiets and such impossible despondency.

It’s less intriguing when the viewpoint moves back to Sean’s side of the story.

The content has him go down an agenda of foolish awful conduct, which adds little to the core of the story.

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More with Regards to the Movie

Approaching behind the scenes of this profoundly close-to-home story is a sensationalized preliminary over the birthing assistant’s carelessness, which like Sean’s shenanigans, diverts from the all-around amazing show.

Then again, Kirby needs to explore her person through each parent’s waking bad dream, which she does stunningly.

As Martha, Kirby shifts from mental to tumultuous, turning out to be similarly pretty much as ruinous as her accomplice without feeling like a platitude.

She resents Sean, her colleagues, her family—particularly her mother, Elizabeth (Ellen Burstyn), who discusses her misfortune as though it were an individual disappointment and scolds Martha for not effectively squeezing charges against the birthing specialist.

It’s a strain that prompts the best scene of the film, a confrontation among mother and girl, both lamenting and each with altogether various thoughts on the most proficient method to push ahead. It’s a second so electric, it causes the military show to feel like window dressing.

LaBeouf is doing his damnedest, Stanley Kowalski. His person is a brutish, average crude nerve who’s arrived at his breaking point of being subverted by his accomplice and her family’s cash.

He’s difficult, laying hold of, and angry such that makes you can’t help thinking about how a calm lady came to fall head over heels for him in any case.

When is Pieces of a Woman Delivered on Netflix?

Pieces of a Woman hit select auditoriums on Wednesday 30th December, before spilling on Netflix on Thursday seventh January 2021.

Cast of The Shia LaBeouf

Shia Labeouf

shia labeouf new movie

Shia Labeouf plays Sean. Labeouf had early triumphs as a kid entertainer and a youthful entertainer from 2007 onwards with films like ‘Disturbia’, the ‘Transformers’ establishment, and ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’.

In any case, outrages in his own life about progressively strange conduct made him persona non grata for some time.

In the wake of taking a stab at execution craftsmanship and featuring in Sia’s questionable video ‘Flexible Heart’, he composed and acted in a treatment propelled film about his oppressive youth called ‘Nectar Boy’.

His star status appeared to have been rising again till he was sued by English performer FKA Twigs, whom he dated from 2018 to 2019, for sexual battery, attack, and punishment of enthusiastic pain.

From that point forward, his name has been cleaned from Netflix’s ‘For Your Consideration’ page gathered for grant shows.

Vanessa Kirby

shia labeouf new movie

Vanessa Kirby, an English entertainer, assumes the part of Martha whose home birth turns out badly.

In the Netflix series The Crown, her role as Princess Margaret won the award of BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress and also in the selection for the Primetime Emmy Award.

She acquired more extensive acknowledgment for her parts in real-life films like ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ and ‘Hobbs and Shaw’.

She won the Volpi Cup for Best Actress for her presentation in ‘Bits of a Woman’.

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Key Takeaway from Shia LaBeouf new movie

Fortunately, it’s Kirby’s presentation that makes “Pieces of a Woman” significant.

Despite a bulky extension building similarity and a story set in Boston that doesn’t look like Boston, Martha’s enthusiastic excursion is greater than the story gives it credit.

There might have been more scenes among Martha and Elizabeth or her family, which incorporates a sister (Iliza Shlesinger), brother by marriage (Benny Safdie, in a portion of the film’s couple of funny minutes), and a cousin who’s an attorney (Sarah Snook).

Through Martha and Elizabeth’s occasionally combative relationship, there’s even a concise investigation of generational injury and how that influences an individual’s capacity to lament or how they think distress should be taken care of.


This was it for the Shia LaBeouf new movie, i.e., Pieces of a Woman. I hope this article has covered all the points and facts and given you a good time reading it. For any doubts or concerns, feel free to post them down in the comments sections. Peace out!


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