‘Sherlock Holmes’ 3 Release Date: Is It Confirmed?


Sherlock Holmes 3

The third installment of the series, which is set to be released in December 2021, will see Robert Downey Jr. reprise his role as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law return as Dr. Watson. The film will follow on from the events of the second movie where Holmes has disappeared for three years before returning to London with a new sidekick named Kitty (played by Ophelia Lovibond). Click this ad now to read more about what we know so far!

When Will Sherlock Holmes 3 Be in Theaters?

Warner Brothers moved up the third installment of the period mystery action film, which was supposed to premiere in Christmas 2017, by a year.

Following the announcement, Warner Bros. offered no explanation for the delay, but it ultimately proved to be a wise decision as the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus began in March 2020.

In 2020, The Meg is set to be released by Warner Bros. In 2021, it will have a theatrical run before being released on home video. However, due to the epidemic, this could change.

Ritchie’s camp says, ‘That’s kind of sitting on the back burner for now until it becomes clear where the world is at and what’s going to happen.’ ” Dexter Fletcher, who will be taking over from Ritchie, said as part of Celebrity Catch Up Podcast.

Sherlock Holmes 3 Cast- Who Is Returning?

There would be no Sherlock Holmes without Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law as Dr. Watson and Holmes, respectively. We also know, therefore, that they will reprise their parts.

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The status of Kelly Reilly’s appearance as Mary Watson’s spouse is uncertain, although we are waiting for confirmation.

There have been no official announcements, but there are rumors that Jared Harris, who played Holmes’ nemesis in the second film, maybe back. We’ll go into this in more detail further below.

In the following months, we expect to learn more about the film’s casting.

What Is the Sherlock Holmes 3 Story?

If you thought the series couldn’t get any better, think again. Downey stated that the sequel will be “the finest of the series.”

, “It’s a huge work to do,’ Downey explained during a Reddit Q&A session. ‘But it’ll be the best one yet.,’ The first two films have already set the tone for the next one in the film series. With several box office records and honors under its belt, it’s exciting to wonder what the third film will do to enhance the legacy of the first and second movies.

The first film focused on Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr.) and Dr. John Watson (Jude Law) dealing with Lord Henry Blackwood (Mark Strong), while the second film introduced us to Professor James Moriarty (Jared Harris) as the new adversary.

After battling Sherlock in season 2, Moriarty was considered dead. The brother of Dr. John Watson, Sherlock Holmes appears in the world again, faking his death and claiming that he had been murdered by Moriarty’s men to protect his identity as a government agent.

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In The Final Problem, Sherlock Holmes’ survival indicates that Moriarty might return for the third film. Of course, this is still a hypothesis at the moment. What’s certain is that the tale will resume where it left off. Holmes will return to save the world from bad guys again, with Dr. Watson at his side.

We anticipate the narrative to continue moving forward. ‘The essence of the story is their codependency,’ Law said in a statement to EW.

Trailer of Sherlock Holmes 3?

We’ll have to wait a little longer before the actual trailer is released.

For now, here is a trailer for the film, which will be replaced once we receive the official trailer.

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