She Hulk Next Episode Release Date: See All Updates About Next Episode!

She Hulk Next Episode Release Date

As the end of the first season of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Disney Plus draws near, the case is almost over and the gavel is almost down. In just the first eight episodes of the superhero legal drama, Jen has done a lot of different things, including weddings, wellness retreats for supervillains only, and a hook-up with Daredevil after her time in prison. Episode 9 looks like it will be the most dramatic yet.

In the episode before this one, “Ribbit and Rip It,” Jen let her anger get the best of her after the mysterious villain HulkKing crashed her work party. She hurt several guests and a member of Intelligencia. It ended on a cliffhanger, with security at the event starting to fight with She-Hulk. I’m sure you’re dying to know when the next part comes out, right?

Then, let’s not waste time. Here are the release dates and times for She-Hulk episode 9 depending on whether you live in the US or the UK. Happy scrolling, sorry, we meant smashing.

When Will the Ninth Episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Be Available on Disney Plus?

She Hulk Next Episode Release Date

The season 1 finale of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will premiere on Disney Plus on Thursday, October 13. To watch, you must be a subscriber to Disney Plus.

The episode will premiere on Thursday at 12 am PST/3 am EST/8 am BST, so you’ll have to stay up late or wake up early if you want to watch it as soon as it becomes available. Some episodes are also released 15 minutes early, so you may wish to refresh the page a few minutes before the planned time.

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How Many Episodes Are There of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law?

There are nine episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. The first episode came out on August 18, and the rest came out every week after that. As was said above, the finale will be on the streamer on October 13. Here’s a handy schedule of what that means:

  • She-Hulk episode 1 – August 18 – out now!
  • She-Hulk episode 2 – August 25 – out now!
  • She-Hulk episode 3 – September 1 – out now!
  • She-Hulk episode 4 – September 8 – out now!
  • She-Hulk episode 5 – September 15 – out now!
  • She-Hulk episode 6 – September 22 – out now!
  • She-Hulk episode 7 – September 29 – out now!
  • She-Hulk episode 8 – October 6 – out now!
  • She-Hulk episode 9 – October 13

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She-Hulk Episode 8 Release Date: When is It Available?

The final episode of She-Hulk, episode 9, will be available on Disney+ on Thursday, October 13 at midnight (PT) and 3 am (ET). It will be about 30–35 minutes long, including the credits, just like the other episodes.

Even though the last four episodes didn’t have a scene in the middle of the credits, it’s possible that episode 9 will have one to show Jen’s future in the MCU, like the last scene in Ms. Marvel.

What Time Does Disney+ Release the She-Hulk Finale?

She Hulk Next Episode Release Date

Matt Murdock finally showed up in the MCU as Daredevil for the first time in She-Hulk. Jen’s happiness didn’t last long, though.

She-Hulk: I’m a lawyer Daredevil finally made an appearance in episode 8. At the start of the episode, Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) took on Leapfrog (Brandon Stanley) as a client after his suit, which was supposed to be fireproof, caught on fire.

He said it was a problem with the manufacturer, but Jen’s own super suit designer, Luke Jacobson (Griffin Matthews), was the manufacturer. When Jen asked him about the problem, he blacklisted her.

Luke’s lawyer turned out to be Daredevil himself, Matthew Murdock (Charlie Cox) when the case went to court. Matt also told the court that the Sokovia Accords had been revoked, which ended the Civil War in the MCU in an interesting way.

Later, in episode 8, Jen finally put on the She-Hulk costume to help Leapfrog, who was now saying he was under attack. When she met up with Leapfrog, she ran into Daredevil. The two of them fought, and after Jen won, she took off the vigilante’s mask to find out who he really was.

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Matt told Jen that Leapfrog had taken Luke hostage and was holding him for ransom. After making a joke about Daredevil’s “ketchup and mustard” suit, the two went to Leapfrog’s hideout and rescued Luke. Luke thanked them by taking Jen back as a client.

Final Words

The ninth episode of “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” will air on October 13. There are nine episodes in the first season. The finale will be on Disney Plus, so you’ll have to be a subscriber to watch it. Some episodes are released 15 minutes early. The final episode of “She-Hulk” will air on October 13.

It will be about 30–35 minutes long, including the credits. Daredevil finally made an appearance in episode 8. Jennifer Walters’ future in the MCU is still up in the air.