Sharp Objects is one of HBO’s most well-known programs. The show is mainly based on Gillian Flynn’s first novel. The show, which was only supposed to run for one season, concluded with a shocking twist in the last episode.

This clears the way for the second season of the show. However, over the past several years, there has been a lot of discussion about whether or not season 2 of the show will be released. Here are a few updates that we’d like to provide you ahead of time.

Sharp Objects Plot Summary

The miniseries is based on Gillian Flynn’s novel of the same name. Camille Preaker, a journalist, is at the center of the story. Preaker returns to her hometown of Wind Gap to investigate a homicide case involving women. sharp-objects-season-2

The show focuses on three characters in particular: Camille, Adora, and Amma. Camille’s half-sister, Amma, is Camille’s half-sister, and Adora is Camille and Amma’s cold-blooded mother. The show begins with Camille, who is hesitant to return to her hometown, but gradually accepts since she believes it would benefit her profession. However, at Wind Gap, a series of events occur, culminating in a thorough expose of the killing.

Sharp Object Season 2: At A Glance

RELEASE DATE: Not announced yet

EPISODES: 8 episodes (expected)

GENER: Mystery – Crime – Drama


WATCH ONLINE: Sharp Objects season 1 available on Disney+Hotstar, Hulu, Amazon  Prime

RATING: Sharp Objects season 1 as per IMDb 8.1/10 and 92% tomatometer as RottenTomatoes

Will There Be A Sequel For Sharp Objects?

Earlier, it appeared that season two would be ruled out since, unlike Big Little Lies, HBO president of programming Casey Bloys stated that Amy Adams did not want to reprise her role as Camille. sharp-objects-season-2

However, Gillian Flynn, who, like Liane Moriarty with Big Little Lies season two, was always thinking about a second season, will almost certainly be engaged in some manner if Sharp Objects returns. “My characters live on in my head at all times. They all have full-time jobs in there, and I keep in touch with them all “she said ” Second season is something I would definitely say YES. I’m very attentive of what happens to them.”

HBO Executive Reveled About Sharp Objects Season 2

Casey Bloys, HBO’s head of programming, shot down fans’ expectations for a second season in April. According to IndieWire, Bloys stated of the Sharp Objects crew, “They haven’t come to us with anything, and my hunch is one season was appropriate for that program.” “I can’t fathom reuniting with everyone. The difficult part about one-season shows is getting everyone back together, but it also feels like the one-season format was the correct choice for that program. I think that’s where it’ll stay because it’s the proper finish.”

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Who Is Coming Back For Sharp Object Season 2?

One of the most difficult hurdles in getting the program back for season two appears to be convincing Amy Adams to resume her role as Camille Preaker. We believe there is no prospect of a second season if she refuses to return. sharp-objects-season-2

After the finale showed that it was Eliza Scanlen’s Amma Crellin who killed the two girls in Wind Gap and had already killed again, perhaps season two will turn the focus on her. She also appears in one of the post-credits sequences as the Woman in White.

Patricia Clarkson, who plays Amma and Camille’s mother Adora Crellin, and Henry Czerny, who plays Adora’s husband and Amma’s father Alan Crellin, are two additional cast members who are expected to remain for season two. sharp-objects-season-2

Other Wind Gap locals, such as Matt Craven’s police chief Bill Vickery and Taylor John Smith’s John Keene, are unlikely to return in season two, while Chris Messina’s Detective Richard Willis is unlikely to return since his relationship with Camille ended.

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Sharp Object Season 2 Release Date

The first season aired on HBO in the United States and the United Kingdom on July 8, 2018, however if HBO decides to bring Sharp Objects back, the second season will broadcast on HBO in 2022.

Take Big Little Lies, for example: the first season premiered on February 19, 2017, yet the program wasn’t renewed until December 2017, with season two set to premiere in 2019.

So, unless Sharp Objects is quickly renewed, we’re looking at a release date in early 2022 at the earliest.

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