Shameless Season 11 Fiona Character Traits

shameless season 11 fiona
shameless season 11 fiona

Are you a Shameless fanboi or fangirl? I believe it is a yes since you have searched for it. Shameless seasons have been a wonder to watch, however, today I would be discussing Shameless season 11 Fiona in particular.

This article will extensively cover all the visible and important traits of Fiona. Do read the article in totality, and have fun.

Character traits of Shameless Season 11 Fiona

Decision In Men

Fiona’s decision in men isn’t acceptable, to say the least. To get the ball rolling, she fell head over heels for Steve, who ended up being a lying criminal, before she chose to wed an individual she scarcely knew.

Obviously, that marriage didn’t endure at all on the grounds that Steve returned thus did the closeness between the two.

Fiona was likewise near the wedding the medication-dependent Sean, and she was additionally involved with a hitched man. It’s anything but unexpected that she left the South Side single.

Outrage Problems

shameless season 11 fiona
shameless season 11 fiona

In case there’s one issue with Fiona, it is her outrage issues. She will in general become suddenly angry at somebody and extend her resentment regarding something on another person.

She loves to shout also. Fiona’s outrage issues go to the bleeding edge at whatever point things aren’t going the manner in which she planned them to or something strange occurs

Controlling And Authoritative

Naturally, Fiona needed to deal with her kin and give them the right model when they were little, however, what one can’t comprehend is the way that she kept on compelling her viewpoints on her family once they grew up.

Lip and Ian, specifically, didn’t care for Fiona’s controlling nature and in season nine, Ian snapped when Fiona was attempting to take his choices for his benefit. By the by, Fiona comprehended her mix-ups eventually.

Ongoing drug habits

shameless season 11 fiona
shameless season 11 fiona

This isn’t something that everybody in the Gallagher family experiences. These ongoing drug habits are elite to Fiona and Frank.

While the last straightforwardly concedes his affection for drugs, Fiona is somewhat unique, as she began substance maltreatment in the wake of meeting Robbie, Mike’s (one of Fiona’s beaus) disturbed sibling.

Once more, due to a difficulty in her own life, rather than attempting to conquer it, Fiona appeared to alleviate herself through drugs.

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Liquor Problems

Is there somebody in the Gallagher family who doesn’t cherish liquor? Up until this point, Ian, Carl, Debbie, and Liam have worked effectively, yet the equivalent can’t be said about Fiona and Lip, both of whom have turned to the methods of their dad subsequent to experiencing immense mishaps in their particular lives.

Fiona specifically drank a lot in season nine after she became destitute, on account of an arrangement that turned out badly.

She took out her disappointments by drinking an excessive amount of liquor; to such an extent that even Frank faced her with regards to it.

Puts Herself Under Too Much Pressure

From an extremely youthful age, Fiona figured out how to deal with pressure, as she had four siblings and one sister to deal with.

In any case, as the show went on, she continued to put herself under crazy measures of strain, both in her own life and expert life, and it was inevitable before she separated.

Maintaining numerous sources of income over combined with shuffling her adoration life and dealing with her kin was excessive.

Excessively Selfless

shameless season 11 fiona
shameless season 11 fiona

While toward the beginning of the series Fiona went about as the magnanimous mother to her kin, as the show went on, she began moving away from them.

Fiona is an awesome person who doesn’t stop for a second to place the requirements of others over her, however, she does it so regularly that it’s impeding her prosperity.

In the long periods of her life when she was intended to partake inconsistently, there she was doing numerous positions attempting to protect her kin.

In case there was ever somebody who had the right to escape the South Side it was her, and she did it in the season nine finale.

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Dynamic isn’t the most grounded suit of the entire Gallagher family, so it’s normal that Fiona settles on off-base choices at the exceptionally off-base time sometimes.

Her expert life, just as close to home life, has been destroyed because of her capacity to settle on imprudent choices.

In season nine, Fiona without thinking chose to put resources into a property, and it misfired on the grounds that she simply needed more assets.

It prompted her being destitute, yet she likewise slipped into a minor gloom.

Thoughtless… Sometimes

Fiona can be somewhat thoughtless on occasion, particularly when things aren’t working out in a good way for her, both in her expert life and individual life.

At the point when her kin had nobody, she was the person who moved forward to deal with them, and that necessary a ton of focus and tolerance, however as they grew up, Fiona began turning into a touch more foolish.

The most exceedingly awful thing that happened because of her recklessness was the point at which she acquired medications with her in the house and just left them in the kitchen.

Tragically, the then little Liam ate them and he could have passed on of an excess.

Low Self Esteem

There are just one or perhaps two children in the Gallagher family who are self-important and have a high feeling of regard, and they are Lip and Liam.

Just these two appear to accept that they merit the beneficial things throughout everyday life, while Fiona’s decisions recommend that she merits the misery.

It resembles she loves to wreck her life, similar to when she did with Mike and his addict sibling Robbie.

She especially picked a psychopathic addict over a mindful sweetheart like it’s what she merited.

It’s a wrap-up for Shameless Season 11 Fiona

This was about Shameless season 11 Fiona. I hope it has showcased all the possible traits of the character.

For disagreement, questions, or concerns, please feel free to post them down in the comments section.

Thanks for reading and have a great day. Peace out!


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