On April 11th, Showtime’s Shameless came to an end after an eleven-season run, and fan reaction was naturally varied. “Father Frank, Full of Grace” decided to lean on the metaphysical in the end, giving audiences sad-eyed ghosts and family singalongs, despite the fact that the show had always focused on the bare-bones reality of living below the poverty line on the bad side of town — and the pluck and ingenuity of a large family struggling against the odds to survive — Even if there was some plot progress, some of the characters seemed to be stuck in a strange state of stasis, their futures uncertain (apparently via executive order).

The most significant alteration, however, brought the longest pas de deux between a fictitious character and death since Joe Gideon danced with Angelique to a close. Yes, after years of escaping the Grim Reaper by all means possible, Frank Gallagher was finally defeated by an all-too-common foe (William H. Macy). But his family, who had become accustomed to Frank’s unpredictably bringing hurricane-force trauma into their lives, barely noticed as they dealt with their own drama.

Shameless Casting

  • Frank Gallagher is played by William H. Macy.
  • Philip “Lip” Gallagher is played by Jeremy Allen White.
  • Carl Gallagher is played by Ethan Cutkosky.
  • Veronica Fisher is played by Shanola Hampton.
  • Steve Howey as Kevin Ball.
  • Deborah “Debbie” Gallagher is played by Emma Kenney.
  • Cameron Monaghan as Ian Gallagher.
  • Mickey Milkovich is played by Noel Fisher.
  • Liam Gallagher is played by Christian Isaiah.
  • Tami Tamietti is played by Kate Miner.


What Happened To The Gallaghers In The Season 11 Finale Of Shameless?

Fiona was still missing in the finale episode, and we haven’t gotten any clues as to where she is or what she’s been up to, which seems strange. Frank wanders away from the house once more after failing to overdose, but when a dementia episode takes him from his childhood church to the ER, he passes away alone, having flashbacks of his children growing up and then becoming a ghost who joins them at the Alibi Room for one last beer.

Lip is still undecided about whether or not to sell the house, whether or not to expand his family, where he wants to live, and what he wants to do for a living, but we were relieved to see him have a brief moment where his intelligence could shine through. This character deserved so much more, and we believe this was a clue that viewers would be able to envisage Lip returning to a workplace where he is fully respected.

And, after years of gentrification stories, the boy genius is considering a low-ball offer of $75k instead of putting the house on the market? Leave such rubbish at the door.

Ian and Mickey appear to have decided to stay in the apartment on the other side of town, and in the Shameless Season 11 finale, their search for furniture and cookware led to a discussion about wanting to start a family together. We assumed that when Mickey felt upset throughout the meeting, he would want to visit his own son, but the subject was entirely ignored. Ian comforted Mickey, promising him that he’d be a wonderful father. The door is open, but the show doesn’t say whether they removed the crib.


Carl appears to have found his stride as a cop, and he’s figured out how he wants to contribute to the community in his own unique way. Carl may have had a hand in buying the Alibi Room to transform it into a hangout for cops, according to the Shameless Season 11 finale. It appears that the boy who used to electrocute dolls and microwave them might be all right after all.

Over the past few episodes, Liam, the only sibling who still cared about Frank, has gone through an emotional arc as he tried to take care of him and create pleasant memories with him doing “Frank things.” Liam never got closure in the episode that Frank was in the hospital, and he (nor anyone else) never formally discovered that Frank had died, but his nod toward the ghost on Frank’s barstool at the end of the episode was the closest we got to closure between Frank and his children.

Finally, it appears like Kev and V are sticking to their original plan of relocating to Kentucky. The Alibi Room received a purchase offer and has now signed the lease for their new townhouse. We’re hoping they’ll stick it out and sell to Carl. Make sure to watch the mid-credits sequence in the finale if you missed it — there’s a Shamelessly funny moment there that ends the series on a high note. Thank you, Shameless fans.

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Ending Explanation Of Shameless Season 11

In the Shameless Season 11 series finale, it was last call at the Alibi Room for the Gallaghers and Balls. Fans of this dysfunctional family on the South Side were ready to say goodbye after 11 years of growing up with these characters. Here’s what happened at the end of the series (and what didn’t, unfortunately).

Spoilers for Shameless Season 11 Episode 12 follow. Despite the lack of cameos by past cast members, which could have been due to quarantine constraints, the series finale took viewers back to the pilot episode in a number of ways. Shameless’ final sequence was a carbon copy of the show’s first scene, with the Gallaghers and their friends applauding and partying as a family around a burning automobile.


The group even started singing “The Way We Get By” by Spoon, a song used at the end of the pilot episode, while celebrating Ian and Mickey’s one-year wedding anniversary. We didn’t anticipate the characters to have any emotional attachment to this song, but it functioned as a method for them to recollect their final moments together before parting ways. The last homage to the show’s opening episode was Frank Gallagher’s voiceover, this time as a ghost, describing each of his children (with Fiona curiously absent) and Kev & V.

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Finally, the sibling relationship between Lip and Ian was one of the strongest bonds in the pilot episode, and the series finale set aside a scene in the Alibi Room where Lip and Ian are together, talking about their future families. Ian tells Lip that he was the closest thing any of them ever had to a father as they talk about having kids and possibly selling the house, and the special moment took us back to their conversation in the backyard van 11 years ago.

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