What Is the Ending of Sex Education Season 3?


Sex Education Season 3 provided plenty of heartbreaks and mysteries. Here’s a summary of what happened.

Netflix dropped Season 3 a few days ago, and it was just as exciting and rejuvenating as ever.

The second season of The Handmaid’s Tale ended with a slew of cliffhangers, but the new season only added to the mysteries. The majority of the plotlines from the third season are unresolved.

Fortunately, a fourth season has been announced, so we may expect our questions answered in the future.

Maeve and Otis’ relationship in season 3 has a new difficulty. Goodbye, Moordale. Eric and Adam’s relationship comes to an end. Finally, after several months of pregnancy, Jean gave birth to a daughter. However, the DNA test revealed that the newborn’s DNA was identical to her father’s.

Let’s go through all of the plot twists that happened this season.

This is a brief summary of Season 3.

Did Otis and Maeve Get Married In Sex Education Season 3?

The last episode of the second season was particularly devastating. Isaac erased Otis’s voicemail, which was also his statement on how he felt about Maeve.

Isaac eventually tells Maeve about his criminal activities in season 3. This caused Maeve and Otis to reunite. But, as soon as the two reconciled, a fresh opportunity knocked on Maeve’s door.

She was accepted into a writing program in New York City. Maeve considers giving up the chance to be with Otis. However, letting go of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the sake of a guy does not appear to be a good idea, even if that guy is Otis.

Maeve decides she should choose the opportunity over Otis after talking with Aimee. She will travel to the United States for a few months to pursue her writing passions.

Maeve replies, “No, it sees you soon…,” when Otis inquires if this is their last goodbye.

Despite the fact that it adds another obstacle to their relationship, we are certain that team Otis and Maeve isn’t over yet.

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Why Did Eric & Adam Split Up?

Maeve and Otis are not the only couples in distress. This season, both Adam and Eric delivered a similarly devastating story.

Adam has progressed a long way since he was a bully in the previous seasons. He’s now become a man who can finally accept his sexuality and gender. That’s thanks to Eric, who helped him come out of the closet.

However, after returning home from a trip to Nigeria with his family, Eric sees that his relationship with Adam is not meant to be. Adam is still getting used to his sexual identity, whereas Eric has always been at ease with himself.

He was honest with Adam about what he had done, and at first, it looked like the two of them could overcome their problems.

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The accident, however, caused Eric to realize how much his relationship with Adam inhibits him from being fully himself. While Adam is still in the phases of figuring out who he is, Eric has been there for a while.

I just feel like I’m ready to take flight, and you’re still learning to go. ‘I’m not sure what I want to do at all,’ he added. ‘And I’ve spent a long time trying to figure out who I am and where my life is going,’ says Eric, in another heartbreaking break-up scene.

Is It Possible That the Relationship of Jean and Jakob Is Also on Its Way Out?

In season 3, Otis’ mother, Jean, gave birth. When she suffered a hemorrhage after delivering her kid, we thought we were going to lose her.

Otis was able to apologize to his mother for treating her somewhat rudely with his somewhat bratty attitude, fortunately.

In the past seasons, Jakob and Jean’s relationship has been rocky. We were sure that the birth of their daughter Joy would finally reunite them for good. The results of the DNA test, on the other hand, arrive. According to Jean’s expression, it appears that Jakob’s intuition is correct. He is not the father of Jean’s kid.

We still do not know the biological father of baby Joy. However, her arrival will most certainly put more strain on Jean and Jakob’s already tenuous connection.

What Happens To Cal And Jackson In Sex Education Season 3?

It’s apparent that there is a bright future for Cal and Jackson’s relationship in season 3.

Season 3 introduced us to Cal, a new character who first appeared in the show’s third season. Cal, a non-binary student, had to deal with Headmistress Hope’s outdated and exclusive dress code and sex education class.

Throughout the season, there is a lot of chemistry between Cal and Jackson. Jackson supports Cal’s identity and encourages them to be themselves.

Both enjoyed a kiss and a few personal encounters. However, when they eventually discussed what would happen if they became more than friends, the two agreed it was time to end things.

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“We’re not a girl,” Cal demurred. Despite the bad news, Jackson made it clear that he is still Cal.

What Happens to Ola and Lily?

Ola and Lily were the most solid trio among all of season 3’s couples.

They had their ups and downs, too, with Ola feeling that Lily was neglecting her.

Despite their issues, the two are able to overcome their misunderstandings. The marriage will almost certainly have much more to talk about in the future, but they’ve developed a lot more knowledge. They’re willing to make up. That’s something that can help their relationship last.

What’s Next For Moordale?

Following the students’ protest organized by Vivienne and Jackson, the investors decided to terminate their support for Moordale. The government has made the decision to close down the school. The children must now look for a new institution to complete their education.

It’s encouraging to see the kids fighting for their beliefs. They rose up to dispute Hope’s antiquated school management techniques. It’s a shame to think that their behaviors will put them at odds in the next term when they go to separate institutions.

There are now two alternatives for the following season for Moordale. They either shut down or find a new investor to maintain their business going.


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