Servant Season 2 Review With Spoilers

Servant Season 2

The grief of losing a family member is unbearable, but if someone loses his/her child, then it becomes the worst. The desire to bring back the lost one can lead to the opening of the mysterious world and may harm the rest of the alive members.

Based on the same concept, a series was introduced, on AppleTV named Servant.

Tony Basgallop is the creator and writer of the Psychological horror, a thriller drama that got released on 28th November 2019 on AppleTV+. Nina Braddock and Ishana Night Shyamalan are also part of the writing crew.

Tony Basgallop, M Night Shyamalan, Ashwin Rajan, Jason Blumenthal, Todd Black, and Steve Tisch are the executive producers of the American show.

“Servant” has already completed its two seasons successfully, with a total of twenty episodes.

Servant Season 2

What Is the Plotline of the Series Servant?

The story of the series revolves around the protagonists Dorothy and Sean. The couple faces the sad demise of their 13-week-old son named Jericho. They undergo transitory object therapy with the help of a lifelike reborn doll due to Dorothy’s psychotic break. She recovers from the trauma after believing the doll to be her real child. Six weeks later the death of Jericho, they hire a nanny named Leanne to take care of the reborn doll named Jericho. This action leads them to open up the way for some mysterious forces. Sean soon suspects Leanne as she appeared mysterious.

Seis Manos’ Season 2 Renewal Status and Release Date

The second season of the show picks up from the ending of the first season. By the beginning of the second season, the couple comes to know that Leanne belongs to a religious cult called the Church of the Lesser Saints. She took Jericho along with her. Dorothy and Sean try to find their baby and the nanny all around. The energy of the second season is darker as the disappearance of Jericho made the house full of tension. The season focuses on the search for Jericho.

The last episode opens up with Josephine’s entry over the Turners’ residence. She appeared to be creepy and asked permission to enter the house. She was aware that they were looking for Jericho and asked to see Leanne. Leanne informs Sean not to leave her alone with Josephine. This scene added some creepy vibes similar to that of the Nun.

The Tragedy of Macbeth An American Black-and-white Film

Josephine tells Leanne that she doesn’t belong to the house and they should leave. She hands over some baby clothes to Dorothy and then goes upstairs to play a tape telling the method to turn the lost member of the family alive.

Servant Season 2

Without giving many spoilers we can say that something is wrong with the old lady, Leanne. Will she bring Jericho to life, or will she harm the family? To know the result do watch the second season.

The Release Date: When Was the Second Season of the Show Servant Came Into Existence?

The second season of Servant got released on 15th January 2021 on AppleTV+. It consisted of ten episodes and came to an end on 19th March 2021.

What Are the Names of the Characters Involved in the Series Servant?

Servant Season 2

  • Dorothy Turner, played by Lauren Ambrose, is a reporter of a local newspaper. She was deprived recently and is a mentally ill mother. She is the wife of Sean.
  • Sean Turner, played by Toby Kebbell, is a consulting chef who loves to stay at home. He is also a recently deprived father and is the husband of mentally unfit Dorothy soon.
  • Leanne Grayson, played by Nell Tiger, is a mysterious nanny for Jericho. She is a native of Wisconsin and is hired by the Turners for looking after Jericho.
  • Julian Pearce, portrayed by Rupert Grint, is the younger sibling of Dorothy and brother-in-law of Sean.
  • Baby Jericho’s role played by Mason and Julius Belford
  • Matthew Roscoe, played by Phillip James Brannon, is a friend of Julian and a private detective.
  • Tobe, played by Tony Revolori, is the commis chef of Sean.
  • Wanda, played by SJ Son, is a babysitter and is befriended by Leanne.
  • Isabelle Carrick, played by Molly Griggs, is a reporter at 8News and a colleague of Dorothy.
  • Uncle George, played by Boris McGiver, is the uncle of Leanne.
  • Natalie Gorman, played by Jerrika Hinton, is the friend and therapist Dorothy.
  • Frank Pearce, played by Todd Waring, is the father of Dorothy and Julian. He is also the maternal grandfather of Jericho and is aware that his real grandchild died due to the carelessness of his daughter.

What Are the Ratings of the Show Servant?

Servant Season 1 has received positive responses over the Internet from the audience and critics. According to the critical consensus, the story deals with the mysteries of the dark and the crowded corners.

The powerful performances of the stars keep the audience intact with the story. Servant Season 2 has received a score of 88% on the Tomatometer, based on 25 critic ratings. The audience score of the season is 70%, based on 159 user ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Servant” has a rating of 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch The Series Servant?

There are many websites available over the Internet where you can watch the series. It is available on the original network of the show, AppleTV. You can start your seven days free trial or can have a subscription.

You can also watch it on Yidio, Flicks, and Metareel.

Where Can We Watch The Series Servant?

The first season ended with a cliffhanger that led to the origin of the second season. People loved the second season too. We mentioned the focus of the second season without giving any spoilers.

To know more about the story, keep watching Servant!


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