Sen. in calling Pita ‘the President-elect’.

“Well, those elected by the president will be the ones elected by the president. Those who are elected president have no official job, ”said the Missouri Republican Party.

Sense. Republican senators, including Lamar Alexander (Den.) And Pat Doomi (Pa.), Are growing in small numbers. Agreed In recent weeks, Trump has failed, and President Donald Trump’s campaign has been steadily escalating legal battles challenging state election results with widespread voter fraud allegations. Many Republican leaders did not acknowledge Biden’s victory, raising criticism from those who say Trump is undermining confidence in American companies.

Blunt, who previously oversaw elections when he was Missouri’s foreign secretary, declined to say whether he saw evidence of fraud in the November election, but said Trump’s panel of lawyers had failed to present evidence that was “acceptable to any court.”

“I think this system is much safer than it used to be. The president deserves some credit for that,” Blunt said.

Although he has not had any conversations with Trump about Biden’s inauguration in January 2021, Blunt said he hopes the president will attend.

“I’m definitely encouraged to see his staff change now. Look at the opportunity in Georgia to help us win these Senate seats. Look at what the President can do if he leaves the White House. If he loses the Electoral College vote, help us win the House again in 2022.” “I think President Trump has a big role to play. I hope he embraces it and sees what you’re going to do next, and I think this election is going to work out that way,” Blunt said.

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