Selling Sunset Season 5 – Release Date, Trailer, Cast and More!


Selling Sunset has gotten even more dramatic in the last few months. Despite a tantalizing tease at Chrishell and Jason’s possible relationship at the close of season four, news broke in December that the two had broken up.

On the 22nd of December, Chrishell confirmed the tragic news on Instagram. I have tried to accept the world I find myself in, and that includes being honest about my relationships. ” Knowing that it could not be what society judges a success and what I’m ultimately seeking for was horrifying and frightening to me at the same time.

I’m choosing to consider it as a success, regardless of the label that’s connected to it publicly, after many lengthy and passionate discussions.” Jason was and still is my best friend, and apart from our differing views on family, our regard and affection for one other will not alter.

Because guys have more time than women, it’s just the way things are.” That said, I’m simply trying to do my best in this public arena,” he says. “And thank you, Jason, for the most beautiful relationship and for continuously being honest with me, even when it hurts,” Chrishell added.

We were left with some lingering worries about Christine and her future on the program as we awaited their connection to play out in full on the series.

Season five of Selling Sunset is sure to be one of the most dramatic yet, and we’ve got all the details on when it will be available on Netflix.

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The Release Date for the Fifth Season of Selling Sunset

Seasons four and five of Selling Sunset were renewed in March, so we now know when season five will premiere. The bad news is that no air date has been set for the upcoming episode.

Season five is now in production, and Chrishell Stause posted a photo of her look from one of the sessions as early as November 2021.

There hasn’t been much consistency in the release dates of Selling Sunset during the previous four seasons, however seasons two and three were filmed within three months of each other and were released within that time frame.

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A release date for Selling Sunset season five might be as early as January or February 2022 if the previous two installments are any indication.

Selling the Characters of the Fifth Season of Sunset

Season five of Selling Sunset should include a mostly stable cast. When The Oppenheim Group introduced new members Vanessa Villela and Emma Hernan in season four, they made an impact.

The Oppenheim Group’s website still lists them as employees. Season four ended with Jason announcing he will be heading up a new branch in Orange County, so we might not see him as much in the show (but we’ll talk about him more later).

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It’s possible we’ll see these new members of the Oppenheim Group in the Netflix series in the near future, since he introduced viewers to them (aside from the confirmed Selling Sunset spin-off).

Sunset Season 5 Plots for Sale

As Season 4 came to a close, Netflix teased the most anticipated storyline of Season 5, and it revolved on two characters. We were fortunate that when Chrishell and Jason made their Instagram relationship official on the 28th of July in the year 2021, we had the cameras rolling.

The cast was given a little footage of them learning about Jashell, and it seemed to be a great shock to everyone. In December 2021, the duo split up, and it’s not certain if that will figure in season five, but it might be the subject of season six, at the very least,
Additionally, the season four finale left Christine feeling alone and cut off from the rest of the cast.

At least according to The Oppenheim Group’s website. Tensions between Christine and the other females appear to remain strong. On Twitter, Christine complained that the other Oppenheim Group employees were ‘leaving her out’ of group photos:

Although there appears to be a lot of friction at work, it’s likely that season five will focus even more on it. Selling Sunset season 4 questions may be found here if you’re interested in learning more about the latest season.

The Sunset Season 5 Trailer Is for Sale

The fifth season of Selling Sunset will premiere on Netflix at the end of the current season. Watching the show will require logging into your account! A business vacation to Italy and Greece serves as the backdrop for the major disclosure of Jason and Chrishell’s romance.

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