Seis Manos’ Season 2: Renewal Status and Release Date

Seis Manos’ Season 2

On October three, 2019, Powerhouse Animation bowled over every person by liberating a masterpiece withinside the shape of Seis Manos. The collection is the primary Original American-Mexican anime collection and turned into produced through Powerhouse Animation (Castlevania).

Seis Manos turned into premiered on Netflix, the target market cherished the antique state of affairs and demanded for season 2 generally after to 3 months of releases Netflix declares subsequent season however on this case, already three hundred and sixty-five days has handed .

Seis Manos Season 2 Cast

We anticipate comparable characters to go back with inside the 2nd season may also as well. Danny Trejo along with Vic Chao (Chiu).

Isabela – the oldest kin of the Seis Manos, who goes about as the heart for the triplet keeping them together. She is a professional of the Hung Ga style of Chinese Combative techniques, and like her battling style, she is a rational individual. Isabela has a simply character, in any event, able to allow Official Garcia to capture Silencio for the killings he submitted before Balde’s appearance. Voiced by Aislinn Derbez

Jesús – the strong prankster of the Seis Manos. He utilizes the Intoxicated boxing style of Chinese Combative techniques, and like his battling style, he can in any case battle in any event, when smashed. While the “bonehead” of the gathering, he is genuinely shrewd in understanding Chiu’s lessons about self-balance as occasions work out in season one. Voiced by Jonny Cruz

Silencio – the quiet more youthful sibling of the Seis Manos, what tongue’s identity was’ removed as a kid seeing El Balde kill his family. He utilizes the Bak Mei style of Chinese Combative techniques, and like his battling style, his eyebrows become dynamically more white as the series proceeds. He is tormented by rage from his awful youth. Over the occasions of season one, his activities continue to trigger the acceleration of issues, for example, Balde’s case to San Simon and Lo’s ascent to control.


Chiu – an old Chinese Kung-fu ace who has prepared the triplet of vagrants, Isabela, Jesús and Silencio. Chiu has some information on the evil to which El Balde is a piece of, however bites the dust subsequent to battling Jaimito in “Brought down”. The triplet discover that Chiu was a professional killer in his childhood, and took a fortune with eternality to conceal it from his insidious coach. Voiced by Vic Chao

Garcia – a Mexican Federale and the primary female one in her district, who simply needs something fascinating to occur in her modest community; she remorsefully gets her desire with Balde’s powers attacking her old neighborhood. She accepts Garabina’s spiritualist information before the finish of season one, which helps the saints in halting El Balde. Voiced by Angélica Vale

Brister – an African-American Vietnam veteran turned specialist for the DEA who helps out Garcia on task with the Bi-Public Team. Voiced by Mike Colter


El Balde – The fundamental adversary. He was either chiefly or halfway answerable for the misfortunes that prompted the existence ways of the Seis Manos. As a kid, his mom utilized his adoration for her to kill his dad, and when she was to pass on from malignancy, he covered her alive in a final resting place which is additionally a sculpture to Santa Clause Nucifera. As a cartel head honcho, he had plans that are coming to across Mexico with the utilization of his dark powder from the Santa Clause Nucifera sculpture. Voiced by Danny Trejo

Alejandra – Balde’s mom, and a witch with a Lotus peak emblem which is the wellspring of her forces. It is her tissue that Balde uses to make immense workers and engage himself while doing combating. Her spirit is detained in her Lotus emblem, presently in DEA authority.

Expert Lo – Chiu’s guide. Given the similitudes of Lo’s Peach Bloom sigil and Balde’s Lotus sigil, Isabela understood some association between them. He steals Silencio with the objective to shape him into a weapon for his will.


Domingo – a 12-year-old vagrant who stows away at the dojo safe-haven of Chiu. After Jaimito’s frenzy in San Simon, Domingo is killed by a sculpture fall. Voiced via Carlos Luna

Garabina – a curandera with bits of knowledge into Balde, who helps the saints in acquiring proof on Balde. She passes on in scene “Blindfold” in the wake of let Garcia know how to stop El Balde.

Lina – a technician who is likewise Silencio’s sweetheart. She had her right hand cut off by Balde in her youth, making a thoughtful relationship with Silencio. She confesses to being one of Serrano’s medication wholesalers, to keep the accounts to avoid Balde. She is killed in “Gathering” by Lo.

Padre Serrano – the town minister who was covertly a cartel Jefe, utilizing his situation to make a heaven in San Simon while participating in illicit additions. He additionally went about as the main impediment keeping El Balde under control until his demise in scene “Evening of the Wolves.”

Jaimito – the primary adversary of the series, his appearance in San Simon killed Chiu by coronary failure, then, at that point, physically killed others around before the Seis Manos triplet started their main goal against El Balde.

Larry – a DEA specialist in control who was clandestinely working with El Balde to get rich with Government Assets. Larry despises Brister for his discourteousness, just as rehashed undertakings with his better half.

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Seis Manos Season 1 Plot

The plot is about withinside the fictional metropolis of San Simon in Nineteen Seventies Mexico and revolves around 3 orphans skilled. When their mentor is killed, they are a part of forces with an American DEA agent and a policewoman to avenge his murder.

Brad Graeber’s introduction Seis Manos is a person American lively tv collection.

The collection covers the simple genres of martial arts and action. Seis Manos turned into written through Alvaro Rodriguez and Daniel Dominguez. Under the route of Wilis Bullinger, the collection turned into launched with a complete of eight episodes withinside the first season on three October 2019.

Carl Thiel composed the collection. Talking approximately the manufacturing branch the government manufacturers of the display consist of Brad Graeber, Alvaro Rodriguez, Rob Pereyda, Daniel Dominguez, Ken Sasaki, and Brad. Produced through Jason Williams below Powerhouse Animation Studios.

There are 3 essential characters.

Isabela – the eldest sibling of the Seis Manos, who acts because the coronary heart for the trio retaining them together. She is a practitioner of the Hung Ga fashion of Chinese Martial Arts, and prefer her combating fashion, she is a down-to-earth person.

Chiu – an vintage Chinese Kung-fu grasp who has skilled the trio of orphans, Isabela, Jesús, and Silencio. Chiu has a few understanding of the evil of which El Balde is a part, however dies after combating Jaimito in “Toppled”.

The trio learns that Chiu turned into an murderer in his youth, and stole a treasure with immortality to cover it from his evil mentor. Voiced through Vic Chao.

El Balde – The essential antagonist. He turned into both in particular or in part accountable for the tragedies that brought about the existence paths of the Seis Manos. As a boy, his mom used his love for her to kill his father, and while she turned into to die from cancer, he buried her alive in a coffin which is likewise a statue of Santa Nucifera.

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Seis Manos’ Season 2

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Seis Manos Season 2 Netflix Release Date

Assuming that Seis Manos may be renewed, we aren’t watching to peer the second season for an extended time. If it follows the equal launch timetable as Castlevania, the second season won’t be to be had till 2021. There have been fifteen months in among the primary and 2nd seasons of Castlevania.

Anime lovers are used to lengthy waits, however, hopefully, Seis Manos lovers will pay attention a few proper information soon.

Is Seis Manos An Anime?

Yes, It’s a Netflix anime that revolves around 3 orphans skilled in Chinese martial arts. When their mentor is killed, they are a part of forces with an American DEA agent and a policewoman to avenge his murder.

Seis Manos’ Season 2

Will The Anime Seis Manos Season 2 Return?

The inaugural season of the anime collection was given a tremendous reaction from the target market. It even has a 100% approval score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The critics praised the display, and it turned into trending on Netflix as well. Last year, the creators of the anime collection additionally teased that they have already got a script for its sequel.

Therefore, the probabilities for Seis Manos Season 2 to manifest are very high. The sequel may also be worthwhile for the manufacturers, similar to its first season. So, lovers can count on Netflix to formally announce the second one season later this year.




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