Second Trigger Check Update: Get your payment 600 paid very soon. Here is the latest.

You can find your $ 600 Corona virus induction Payments into your bank accounts late on Tuesday, despite discussions between President Donald Trump and Congress Gives you a great check.

The Treasury Department said Tuesday that payments will begin Tuesday evening and continue next week. Direct checks will be out soon, while paper checks will be sent out Wednesday.

“These payments are part of our commitment to provide significant additional economic relief to the American people at this unprecedented time,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Munuchin.

Payments will be disbursed automatically, and if Congress raises the amount to $ 2,000, additional funding will be provided soon.

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$ 600 checks will go to individuals and children under the age of 17. They start gradually at 000 to 75,000 for single file holders and disappear to 87 87,000 in total. Tax Foundation, A research team. For married couples who file jointly without children, they leave, 000 150,000 to 4 174,000.

Trump has pushed Congress and the House Democrats to increase the amount of pay Quickly passed the law It attracts 44 Republicans on Monday to do so.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Gu., Tuesday Forbidden to consider Despite the support of the president and Democratic and Republican senators, the bill was in his room.

To find out the status of the fee, go to For more information on economic impact payments, go to

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