When Will Season 2 of Zero Zero Zero Be Salted?

Zero Zero Zero Season 2

Lovers of crime and drama have to wait for a while for season 2. The producers of Zero Zero Zero Fabrice de la Patelliere, Pierre Saint-Andre, Nils Hartman showed confidence in directors stefanosollimna, Tanus Metz, Pablo Trapero.

The Country of origin is Italy. The first season consists of a total of eight episodes with a screen timing of 50 minutes. The first season premieres on 1st Feb 2020. Now Fans are impatiently anticipating the next season in the upcoming month, but still, there is no green signal from the makers. Read more to know the current status of season 2.

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What is the plotline of Zero Zero Zero season 2?

Zero Zero Zero is a slang used by smugglers for pure quality cocaine. zero Zero Zero is a crime drama. It Revolves around Cocaine, crime, murder, and Violence. The power dynamics with Mexican and Italian underworld. It is business around drug cocaine, covering its movement across the continent.

Zero Zero Zero Season 2

Season 1 starts with the Italian family plans to buy cocaine, but son scuttles the deal. The Mexicans set down to sell, but special police attacked them. Lynwood dies in the shootout. Chris and don Mina are at the opposite of the world have to face some dangerous and unexpected circumstances. The Lynwood ensures that their shipment continues its journey to Tauro. Manuel spreads terror with his team.

Betrayals undermine the leadership of Nino. Power struggles, the Lynwood face the danger of crossing the desert. Chris and Anna are about to cross the Moroccan border. In Mexico, Manuel builds a raging army on behalf of the Leyra cartel, creating problems for Manuel. In Galeria, Don’s enemies understand.

Beat Lynwoods is by stopping their shipments once for all. Season 1 ends with Manuel sitting in the mansion. Allows the moment to sink in. Manuel suffered a lot. he shows extreme courage and dedication. Get nothing in return.

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In season 2 main crux will be the same. You will see Drugs and shipment. Characters and locations may change. In the 4th episode, we see the instances of Russia. New shooting on Russian mafias and Italian drugs. Pablo Escobar and godfather are similar related movies.

Release date: when Fans can watch season 2 of Zero Zero Zero?

Zero Zero Zero Season 2

Season 1 of Zero Zero Zero was a great success in western countries. Zero Zero Zero release in more than four different languages and fantastic fighting scenes. The first season premiers on 1st Feb 22. Creators have not announced any news about the release of Season 2. Few sources, websites, claiming its new trailer on Oct 2022.

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Lead Cast: what are the names of the characters in Zero Zero Zero?

1. Andrea Riseborough plays an excellent role as Emma Lynwood. (Daughter of a shipping mogul. She gets famous across the world after she plays the role in Birdman and Mandy. She’s also portrayed Evangeline in Bloodline and Judy Schneider in Waco).

2. Dane Dehaan as Chris lynwood.(A tender man who eagerly wants to be a member of his family’s medicine(drug) cartel business, in Amazon Prime’s “ZeroZeroZero.”)

3. Guiseppe de Dominoco as steffano la pina

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4. Harold Torres as Manuel. (Manuel Contreras is the deadliest cog in the global cocaine wheel Harold Torres plays Manuel Contreras. A dirty soldier in the Mexican army. He ensures that a cocaine shipment reaches its destination across the world).

5. Nee Hernandez as franceis salvage

6. Diego catena as chino.(Chino is the main protagonist and the host of the show. A 17-year-old Latino boy. Who is the hip-hop purist who re-represents the underground?

7. Gabriel Byrne as Edward Lynwood. (A U.S. shipping mogul. Gabriel Byrne starred in the classic ’90s movies The Usual Tchéky Karyo as François Salvage: A Lynwood sailor. Tchéky Karyo portrayed Julien Baptiste in The Missing.

8. Seydina Balde as Omar gamby.

Zero Zero Zero Season 2

Where can we watch Zero Zero Zero season 1?

Zero Zero Zero is one of the finest shows. The last season of Zero Zero Zero got aired on Amazon Prime. Season 2 will also premiere only on Amazon Prime. You can also watch other series of similar genres.

Ratings: what are the ratings of Zero Zero Zero?

Zero Zero Zero, no doubt is most-watched series of amazon prime. The fans also showed love by reviewing and give five stars ratings. Newspaper agencies and famous magazines are praising the work of the team. Zero Zero Zero has received a rating of 8.2 out of 10 on IMDb. You can check on rotten tomatoes.


There are compensations, one of which is that you get three tense, labyrinthine, and gloriously violent thriller plotlines for the price. Murky multi-national, multi-lingual delve into the crime and dangerous world of international drug trafficking with such ferocious tenacity it’s equally compelling, dizzying, and downright brutal.

It does have a slow pace to it, but I like it. The layering of the storylines was effective. The acting was superb, with some clever twists. If you missed season 1, go and watch. We will keep you updated with season 2.


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