Samsung smartphones will abandon Android for another system!

Samsung may be one of the first companies to ditch the Android OS and bet on an alternative. The platform chosen to bring smartphones to life of this brand is Fuchsia, which is an operating system in which it works The Google It has been running since 2016. Unlike Android, the Fuchsia OS It is not only developed for smartphones and tablets. In fact, it will work with many products. Interestingly, it’s the same approach Huawei thought of Harmony. However, there are very interesting details. The update will be much easier and it will not be superfluous to wait for the intervention of equipment manufacturers. It’s as if there is a global and frequent update of all devices at the same time.

Samsung smartphones will abandon Android for another system!

Last year, Google opened the Fuchsia app for Contributions To the public and after a while Samsung decided to help. The company has already added some code to its “Flash-Friendly File System”, which is abbreviated as “F2FS”. It is an open source file system developed by Samsung for flash storage and it appears to be faster than the ext4 file system used by many Android devices.

At the time, Samsung’s involvement in Fuchsia OS wasn’t very clear, but the Ice Universe leak has now revealed that future Samsung smartphones will bet on this platform. Of course, if Google decides to replace Android with the new one, Samsung devices will be the first to own it. It goes without saying that others have joined them.

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Samsung ditches Android

Until now We do not know When will reddish It will be ready. However, the wait might not be long. A recent Bluetooth menu showed that the Nest Hub is running Fuchsia 1.0. However, it may take some time before the commercial version is released. This is because Google will want all manufacturers to try the new OS first.

Since Android 12 will still occupy a large portion of the upcoming Google I / O 2021 conference, we don’t expect an update on Fuchsia during the event.

However, if you want to know more, we have already written about this OS Here.

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