Sabrina Carpenter Boyfriend is Joshua Bassett? More Updates!

Sabrina Carpenter Boyfriend

Want to know famous for her character Maya Hart in the series Girls Meets World Actress Sabrina Carpenter is dating now? Who is her boyfriend? There are many rumours about Sabrina who is 22 years old American Singer and Actress .

Is she dating with many friends in real or all these are rumours about her and her friendships among co-actors? Who is she with in real life? What is the name of the Sabrina Carpenter Boyfriend and what does he do?

As there are so many rumours on the internet and a good chemistry with their set actors, so will the rumours are true or they are only friends or in relationship? Let’s know some interesting facts about her and whom she dated in her life.

Sabrina Carpenter: About

Sabrina Carpenter Boyfriend


A 22 years old woman named Sabrina Annlynn Carpenter was born in May 11, 1999 at Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, U.S. She is the famous singer and actress and now in news for dating some boys and currently with Joshua Bassett.

She is known and loved by many when she came to do acting in the series Girl Meets World.

When she started her career she firstly appeared in Law & Order: Special Victims unit which is a crime drama and then in The Goodwin Games tv drama as the recurring actress.

Till that time she is not famous and not recognised by everyone but when she played as the Maya Hart in the Girl meets World series which come on Disney Channel from the year 2014 to 2017 she came to known and then done many singles and series in which she came as the recurring role or the main role.

In 2021 on January 22 she was signed by Island Records and released “Skin” her first song in giving response to the Joshua ex-girlfriend song.

Now fans of Sabrina Carpenter wants to know her relationship status of her and her current boyfriend Joshua Bassett who is the High School Musical: The Musical Series are still together?

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Is Sabrina Carpenter with Joshua Bassett?

Sabrina Carpenter Boyfriend

It is in news or in hear that Sabrina Carpenter is currently with Joshua Bassett and he is the star in the musical series High School Musical.

The rumours about their relations are in high and it was confirmed when in a zig zag way when Joshua ex-girlfriend Olivia Rodrigo released her single Driver License hit song in which she indirectly points out Josh is now with Blonde girl which she doubts, and this gave the signal that Joshua and Sabrina are in relationship.

It is unknown to all when they will announce their relation publicly. After the hit song of Olivia Rodrigo, Sabrina and Joshua release out their own song in January 2021 which is “Skin” and in this song she gave response to the Olivia Rodrigo song in her Skin song that “ You can try / To get under my, under my, under my skin/ While he’s on mine/ Yeah, all on my, all on my, all on my skin”

It was clearly confirmed from the side of Sabrina that she is in a relationship with Joshua but the same thing is not confirmed by her boyfriend as he didn’t mention in her single Lie, Lie, Lie.

We all are hoping that they will make the relationship public like the other couples or celebrities do but all these things mentioned above indicates and also the confirmation from the Sabrina side that they both are in a relationship right now.

As her Boyfriend Joshua mostly actives on his Instagram where he showed love for single of his ex-girlfriend “Deja Vu” song and said ‘Suuuuuuper late on this but I love this song so much’ and even checking for her new album.

So, meanwhile it is also unknown what could be said about this love triangle.

Now, this is all about her current relationship but she is also in news for dating song of the actors in her past and let’s know who are they.

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Those Actors Whom Sabrina Dated in Her Past Life-

Sabrina Carpenter Boyfriend

There are 3-4 actors names who Sabrina has ever dated or may be friends and to be rumoured as dated with these Disney Channel stars.

In the Girl Meets World series it was in heard that she is with Corey Dogelmanis who is the co-star of her on this show.

It was assumed that it was a rumour only as it was confirmed from her instagram post which she wrote in 2018 to give wishes to her friend Corey and wrote Wishing him a happy birthday, she was honored to know, but “not date” him.

She was also in news with for dating Bradley Steven Perry when she was in her teenage age in 2014 for the Good Luck Charlie star and even this is also the rumour that she dated Casey Cott Riverdale star as he was in her video song “why”.

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