Russia has called on the United States to lift sanctions on Cuba

"The Federal Council strongly condemns the economic, trade and financial embargo imposed by the United States on the Republic of Cuba for nearly 60 years," he defended the Kremlin.

The delegates stressed that sanctions violate the "fundamentals of the multilateral trading system" and increase tensions in international relations.

In the context of the Govt-19 epidemic, Moscow points out that US restrictions on the Caribbean island "go against the efforts of the international community to combat this dangerous disease."

In addition, these measures are in line with the UN. It underscores the contradictions of Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' call for the lifting of sanctions during the epidemics that led to the G20 – a group formed by the world's 20 largest economies – in 2020.

"Washington must learn to respect the cohesiveness of the world community, change its behavior and reconsider its policy of sanctions on Cuba.

According to the council, the lifting of sanctions will benefit not only Cubans but also Americans who have lost the opportunity to communicate freely with their families in Cuba.

28 UN Security Council calls on Cuba to end sanctions The Russian Council concluded that the resolutions contained "convincing and undeniable evidence of international support for the Central American island."

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