‘Rush Hour’ To Get An All-Female Reboot, And ‘X-Men’ Star Roped In For Jackie Chan’s Role | Latest Updates


The ‘Rush Hour’ reboot is in the works, with a planned all-female cast! Roles for both Michelle Yeoh and Olivia Munn have been confirmed. In addition, an unnamed “X-Men” alumna has been chosen to play Jackie Chan’s role.

Bing Bing Li will portray Jackie Chan’s character in the film. The identity of the actor who will play Chris Tucker’s part has yet to be revealed.

It’s about time that Hollywood delivered! A number of films with female leads are anticipated this year, and among them may be an all-female reboot of ‘Rush Hour,’ according to Comic Book. The reboot is a film with one well-known star that has already been cast.

Days of Future Past’ has been chosen to take on Jackie Chan’s part. The identity of the actor who will play Chris Tucker’s has yet to be revealed. The film is presently in production, and more information will be released as it becomes available. For those who enjoy action and humor, this is good news.

The first Rush Hour movie, which was released in 1998 and became a worldwide phenomenon, is still playing today. The film earned a total of $244 million in box office sales throughout the world. Both Chris Tucker’s and Jackie Chan’s characters have become icons as a result of the film. The story is about two policemen from different countries and backgrounds working together.

Both of them have to solve a criminal case, and at first, their differences look like a barrier but eventually become a strength. The two of them continue to spend time together, and the misunderstanding between them results in hilarious circumstances with loads of martial arts and action. The second film establishes their relationship as best friends.

The RUSH HOUR franchise is reportedly developing a FEMALE REBOOT film, just like GHOSTBUSTERS, with a female protagonist – and has already cast an actress!

In 2001, the pair reprised their roles in the second Rush Hour film. The second film was a big hit as well, grossing over $700 million worldwide. The film had made $347.3 million in the world by the time it was canceled. The third film in the franchise, which was released in 2015, did not perform as well as the previous two. However, the producers are currently working on a fourth installment to expand on the series.

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The fourth ‘Rush Hour’ is on the way, and it will reunite Chan and Tucker on the big screen. Tucker previously indicated that he was attempting to make a movie about Jackie Chan, saying, “Jackie Chan wants to do it, I want to do it, the studio wants to do it; so we’re trying to put it together. I was down as long as it all worked out. And it appears to be coming together nicely… It’s going to be the greatest rush of all rushes. ‘This is one of our last chances, and I’m going to seize it,’ says Jackie. ‘We’re ready, and we want to do this so that people will never forget it.’

Mrs. Toni Braxton, if anyone else tries dares say snide things about you and is dissed in such a nasty manner, I’d double the idiocy of their remark like ‘Rush Hour 3′ does, not to mention.’ I’ll give them a “mild autistic belief” lesson for you, so don’t be stupid.

So, as you might guess, the producers were enraged, and that’s why they came up with this plan. The money was merely a bonus that propelled them forward on their mission to rid of Cruise and rewrite history. If we’re being honest here, I’m not so sure I believe him. But it doesn’t really matter right now since It’s not just about the money! It’s all about being in the proper position at the right time. Otherwise, we’re all old men in this fourth Rush Hour. I tell Chris Tucker, “Please do Rush Hour 4 before we grow old.” Earlier reports stated that the pair were taking a long time to put together a solid script for the picture.

They haven’t lost their imagination for ‘Rush Hour 3’ because they took adequate time to complete the script and make it engaging. Chris Tucker explained why ‘Rush Hour 3’ took so long to develop during an interview with Collider.

He said he was traveling the world and had a lot of spare time on his hands, so he decided to spend it doing other things. In Africa, for example, going on many fantastic trips because people recognized him as a celebrity.’

Is there a female version of Rush Hour in the works?

In addition, he talked about his experience learning Jewish for the film in an interview with JTA. “That’s right. Shalom. Oh, yeah. Because he’s Jewish, Brett assists me because I’m Jewish, so I did some practicing. I tell him that I’m half Jewish as well. Hello, I’m Chris Zuckerberg.

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‘I’m very happy and grateful to be on this journey with you,’ he tells viewers. ‘This is the first time I’ve done anything like this, so it’s really exciting for me.’ He also discussed his collaboration with co-star Jackie. ‘ It’s great, it’s great. Because of the first film, we didn’t know each other at all. We met in a meeting, just like Jackie may have informed you because we had to meet with him so he could get to know me and agree to do “Rush Hour.”

, ‘He was doing standup comedy at the time, and it wasn’t until I met him that he discovered who I was. So when he saw me walk in,’ I said to Chris Rock. , “Because he didn’t know who I was, because I was an up-and-coming comedian and he knew who He added that he was not sure what to make of him when he first heard about him.

What’s up, Internet? It’s Kim with another edition of Infinity War news. -> What’s the latest on the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this week’s episode of WABACABE? “We’ve never seen anything like this before,” I whispered to Chris as we watched one character sniff another.

I didn’t know if he spoke English or not, so I asked Brett, “Does he speak English?” Because he’s not talking.’ ‘Don’t worry,’ he reassured me. ‘He’ll pick it up as we begin filming.’ ” I told him, “I can’t be witty if he doesn’t speak English.” “I’m just kidding, he speaks English – that’s his culture.” ‘You’re just being observed.’ He said, ‘Okay,’ and I replied, ‘I’m in.’

Jackie Chan, a film star from Hong Kong, praised his efforts to eradicate poverty in 2018 during the 13th CPPCC National Committee group discussion.


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