Rogue Solo Disney+ Series Is In Development | Latest News!


According to a reliable insider, Marvel is working on a Rogue Disney+ series.

It will be a wonderful day when the X-Men join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The origin of the X-Men is a mystery. We’ve only heard rumors and speculation thus far.

The X-Men franchise has been quiet. The Marvel executives have remained silent on any developments. However, a trusted insider close to The Giant Freakin’ Robot well-known Entertainment outlet has revealed that Marvel is presently developing a Rogue series for Disney+n.

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This news was leaked eight months ago, with talk of a possible Rogue solo spin-off. But we had no clue whether or not the spin-off would be a film or a series at the time.

The spin-off is now confirmed to be a Disney+ series.

Rogue has been a very disturbing yet fascinating figure in all of the films and even in the comics. The Disney+ series is a godsend for X-Men fans, since it may explore Rogue’s backstory and mentality in greater depth than the films ever could.

In 2018, actress Anna Paquin, who played Rogue in the X-Men film series for 20th Century Fox, said she was interested in reprising her role. While being asked by Variety if she would ever do another X-Men film again, she responded, “No.

Marvel has two options for the Rogue series. They might tell the tale of how she acquired her abilities, beginning with a young version of the character. They can also observe her as she progressed through her childhood and into adulthood, or they could watch her develop over time.

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Whatever the case may be, The MCU has already gotten complicated, and things are only going to get more so. Let’s see how the writers will integrate the X-Men into everything that has been going on. We’ll keep an eye on any further developments in this case.


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