Robert Pattinson Got Zoe Kravitz Pregnant ‘Batman’ Rumor Takes Over Twitter


Zoe Kravitz is rumored to have gotten pregnant on the set of The Batman after having sex on the Batmobile with Robert Pattinson during filming.

There’s a fresh rumor going around the internet right now about Robert Pattinson impregnating Zoe Kravitz on the set. The rumor states that Pattinson and Kravitz had sex on the Batmobile during filming. Later, she took a pregnancy test and it came back positive.

A purported cast member of “Westworld” posted a statement that the show was ending to 4chan, claiming he or she was working on the set. At this time, we are unable to verify whether or not this rumor is accurate, but it would be hilarious if it was.

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The rumor states:

Media outlets have been abuzz with rumors that a director has “walked off the set,” and that the project is being delayed. According to these reports, problems on the set have concerned Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson, which appears to be true. According to a Hollywood screenwriter and director, these claims have been verified.

According to a report, Matt Reeves was unhappy with how Pattinson showed up to filming without having worked out, and that he faked a positive COVID-19 diagnosis as a result. Is it possible that Reeves and Pattinson had an acrimonious relationship on the batmobile during filming, which caused them to hook up with Zoe Kravitz?

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We’ll continue to monitor this story to see if it’s true.

The film adaptation of Batman is scheduled to premiere on March 4, 2022.


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