Robert Burst Finally Admitted His Crime That Took Place 20 Years Earlier

New york Murder scene

The famous Multi-Millionaire, Robert Durst has finally been found guilty for his 20-year-old case. The wealthiest and multi-millionaire US real estate Business tycoon was a prime suspect of killing his best friend. 

The popular Tv Entertainment company, HBO Documentary, has even filmed a serial killer documentary that focuses on the case. The documentary series is titled “Jinx”. Robert has always ignored and denied all the cases that have been filed against him. 

It all started in 2000 when Robert was staying at his home that was in Beverly hills. He has denied all the charges against himself and also didn’t accept that he hit Susan Berman in the back 

Now finally after so much time, the killer has released that he was the person behind the murder. The multi-millionaires responded that he had murdered the writer Berman in 2000 because he didn’t want to disclose about her wife. 

Robert Burst murderer

Durst, a business tycoon’s wife, disappeared in 200 and he hasn’t filed anything against her. When his best friend urges him to go to the police and tell them everything, he decides to kill him.  

It’s been two decades since the crime took place. After the whole time, the criminal finally said that he murdered Berman in 2000 so that he can get safe from all those cases and be questioned by the Police officers. 

Durst, an estranged member of one of New York’s wealthiest and most powerful real estate dynasties, was never charged in his wife’s case.

Even in the documentary film, the finale has been the most appreciated by the audience. It clearly states how everything went in these two decades. Durst also said that he has done all of these things as a matter of self-defense and nothing else.


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