After Tangerine and The Florida Project, filmmakers were all set to make a new movie on the topic. The emerged topic became the plotline of the Red Rocket.

You can read and find out more about the movie.

Sean Baker is the director, and Chris Bergoch is the writer of the comedy-drama film.

Sean Baker, Alex Coco, Samantha Quan, Alex Saks, and Shih-Ching Tsou are the producers of the American film.


What Is The Plotline of The Movie Red Rocket?

The story of the film revolves around the protagonist, Mikey Saber, who believes in the existence of two types of people; one which he has used and the other he is going to use. He is a washed-up porn star belonging to Los Angeles who returns to his hometown Texas. Not everyone is happy about his return. After returning to the life of his estranged wife, Lexi, he explains that he left Hollywood to strengthen his roots in his hometown Texas. Lexi was also not that happy to see him, but he promised to pay the rent. He also told that he would help her in the household work and would find a job to earn money. However, after eye contact with a local donut shop clerk named Strawberry, he believes that he can get a ticket back to the porn industry.

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Mikey is shameless and is a snake. He made relations and slept with her, not because of love but because he didn’t want to sleep on the couch. He found the bed comfier than the couch. He starts spending time with Strawberry and his intentions were purely hormonal. However, this statement was valid initially as he sees a business opportunity in the sexually bold teenager. He wanted to take her away from Los Angeles and wanted her to become a porn star. He soon becomes Strawberry’s boyfriend. Lonnie thought that being a porn star is cool and exaggerated his profession in front of Strawberry.

The Release Date: When Was The Movie Red Rocket Premiered On The Big Screen?

A24 acquired the US distribution rights of the movie in February 2021. It made its world premiere on 14th July 2021 at the Cannes Film Festival. It also received a standing ovation from the audience. It will also screen at other film festivals in the future.

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What Are The Names of The Characters Involved In The Movie Red Rocket?

The protagonist of the movie is Mikey Saber, played by Simon Rex, who is a washed-up porn star. He returns to his small hometown Texas. However, no one wanted him back.


  • Lexi, played by Bree Elrod, is the estranged wife of Mikey.
  • Strawberry, played by Suzanna Son, is the girlfriend of Mikey.
  • Lil, played by Brenda Deiss, is the mother of Lexi.
  • Leondria, played by Judy Hill, is the local drug supplier.
  • Ernesto, played by Marlon Lambert, is the son of Leondria and was the classmate of Mikey.
  • June, played by Brittany Rodriguez, is the enforcer of Leondria.
  • Lonnie, played by Ethan Darbone, is the neighbor of Lexi.
  • Ms. Phan, played by Shih-Ching Tsou, is the boss of Strawberry.
  • Nash, played by Parker Bigham, is the ex-boyfriend of Strawberry.
  • Nash’s mom’s role played by Brandy Kirl
  • Nash’s dad’s role played by Dustin “Hitman” Hart

What Are The Ratings of The Movie Red Rocket?

People have given Red Rocket a positive response. The consensus reads that Simon Rex’s performance was magnetic that made the movie vibrant. It gives a ground-level look to the modern life of America. It has received a score of 96% on the Tomatometer, based on 25 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.



Red Rocket has a rating of 6.8 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch The Movie Red Rocket?

There are many websites over the Internet where you can watch the movie. It will also be available on popular platforms soon.

Right now, it is available on A24 films, Filmelier, Digitbinge, and MUBI.


You can watch the movie from the above links. We will inform you as soon as the movie would release on other platforms.

Until then, keep watching Red Rocket.


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