Revelation! Anna Faris Is Again Married


Anna kay Faris popularly known as Anna Faris is a prominent American comedian, actress, podcaster, producer and not to forget author as well. Anna is 44 years old. She attained her education from the University of Washington. She is popular for playing multiple comedic roles in different films and television.  Everyone is astonished to hear that Anna is married to a man with whom she was engaged. Farsi earlier was married to two men Chris Pratt from 2009 to 2018. And another one was Ben Indra who met her on a set in 1999 and then tie their knot in 2004 but she got divorced in 2008. 

Anna and Chris have a son named Jack who is 8 years old.

Recently in 2020 when the whole world is facing a pandemic Anna announced her engagement with Michael Barrett. She was dating him since 2017 after she divorced Pratt. Michael is a cinematographer, producer on Anna’s podcasts and she met him when she was working on her film Overboard. Firstly the both were seen together in September. 

She has her own podcast “Anna Faris Is Unqualified”  during her recent episode she coincidently slips that she and her fiance Barrett got hitched. Later in the interview, she clarified again that they eloped. She also apologizes to her husband for slipping it out and also added that she can’t say him, fiance, anymore.

She also revealed that the marriage happened in Washington state at the local courthouse. She also said that it feels awesome to be her wife. She didn’t reveille much about her wedding. Also in her few podcasts, she was found to share her experiences regarding marriage she also suggested to her son that not to marry in his 20’s take time and make an appropriate choice. 


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