Representative Chip Roy: If Democrats control the Senate, the country will face a ‘full-scale heated conflict’

If Republicans do not have control of the Senate following Tuesday’s double run Elections in Georgia, The political split in the United States will change from a “cold civil war” to a “full-scale heated conflict.” Chip Roy, R-Texas, Warned on Monday.

“If we had a democratically controlled Senate, we would be in a full-scale heated conflict in this country right now, while we are in a cold civil war,” Roy said.Tucker Carlson tonight. “

“We have a big problem where the American people, the regular people who work every day, the hard-working Americans, are being trampled on by a system that is bad against them,” Roy said.

Feelings of the Republican Party of Georgia. David Bertue and Kelly Lofler face stiff challenges from Democrats John Osoff and Rafael Warnock, respectively. As the polls in both matches show tight races, the runs have attracted hundreds of millions. If the Democrats win both elections, they will control the Senate for the first two years of President-elect Joe Biden’s administration.

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“That’s what’s at stake,” Roy stressed. “People have to show up tomorrow to catch the line.”

Roy acknowledged that Republican voters in Beach were “angry about the big government and the big tech and small businesses throughout.” [and] Local governments closing down small businesses and firing them. “

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At the same time, he added, “they have seen the problems of elections that undermine their confidence in elections that are important to democracy and our country.”

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But Roy reiterated, “If the American people in Georgia do not show up and make sure the Senate is in Republican hands … they [Democrats] Lock it up for good. “

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