Reopening begins in North Texas after COVID-19 hospital admissions were over 15% by the 7th day

If after more than 15 consecutive days of COVID-19 patients take up more than 15% of hospital beds available in the North Texas area, businesses will be forced to further restrict capacity or reopen temporarily as they take effect.

That 15% threshold, equivalent to about 2,400 people in North Texas hospitals, is the threshold set by Governor Greg Abbott on his emergency orders.

North Texas leaders will now receive a letter from the state. Abbott will inform them about the re-opening of the grid.

Selected surgeries will be repeated. Restaurants, retail stores and gyms should reduce capacity by 50% and bars should be closed.

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Dallas Code Enforcement and Dallas Fire-Rescue are preparing to withdraw by increasing patrols from Friday.

With many events in downtown Fordworth and Stockhards, the National Finals rodeo kicked off at the Globe Life Field in Arlington on Thursday and the rollback order coincided.

Map of Texas trauma service areas

Dallas city officials said most businesses comply with the orders, and that the violations only exceed the capacity of less than 10 people.

These state-imposed control changes will now last until the hospital admission rate in North Texas drops to 15% for seven consecutive days.

As of Thursday, more than 15.6% of hospital-admitted patients in our 19 district region were corona virus patients.

The hospital region includes the following: Colin, Cook, Dallas, Tendon, Ellis, Erath, Fanin, Grayson, Hood, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, Navarro, Palo Pinto, Parker, Rockwall, Somerville, Tarant and Wise districts.

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Reopening rollbacks come up to the capacity of a hospital bed.

“There are some [hospitals] It will expand the capacity of the bed. Others really can’t because they don’t have employees. Some rural areas are already overcrowded, ”explained Steve Love, CEO of TFW Hospital Council.

Love said some area hospitals are in the process of adding capacity.

There is only room for others to move around a little bit.

“Our staff has been extended. We’ve got people working in double shifts,” he said. “Do they have the capacity to add more beds to the existing campus?” Yes, but again, you have to keep those beds staffed. “

The order also says hospitals should suspend selective surgeries, but Love said those surgeries can be performed off-campus.

“Many have surgical centers and they have outpatient locations,” he explained.

“We hear from all the hospital systems that they were higher or even closer than the highest level they have ever seen,” said Dr. Philip Huang, Dallas County Health Director.

As the rapid corona virus outbreak continues, hospitals are asking the government for help.

The JPS Hospital in Fort Worth said the government would send about 45 nurses over the next two weeks. About 15 of them are ICU nurses.

Parkland Hospital in Dallas currently has 189 temporary workers, and 15 were sent from the state. It consists of nurses and other staff working in hospitals, prisons and testing grounds. Another 102 are nurses traveling from one company to another.

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Texas Health and Human Services will send a letter to the county judges regarding the action plan.

He said Dallas County leaders expect to receive the letter Thursday night or Friday.

Grapevine’s annual Parade of Lights is awaited by main street business owners.

This is usually one of the busiest nights of the season in Grabwin, but this year, rollbacks are the only thing that survives in the minds of many business owners.

This is usually a packed meeting.

“You can’t stand on the sidewalk here if this conversation is normal, because the sidewalks are full,” said Stephanie Reid, who runs Farina’s Wine and Cafe.

But this year, it’s a reverse march, where spectators drive to see the standard floats.

It is re-measured in an effort to reduce crowding during epidemics.

“It’s a roller coaster, I think for everyone,” Reid added.

He said businesses across the metroplex are feeling the effects of COVID-19

“I don’t want to see anyone lose their business more than this,” he said.

Now, after being admitted to COVID-19 Hospital in the 19-District North Texas Trauma Area, they have passed 15% capacity for seven consecutive days. A gateway set up by the government abbot.

A state mandate is now forcing restaurants, retail stores, offices and gyms to reduce capacity by 50 percent.

The bars should be completely closed.

John Powell, who runs Hop and Sting Browing Co., says, “They closed their business in the second half of this year,” and it’s very, very, very difficult to get your feet back. ”

Hop and Sting Brewing Company is one of 2,800 liquor stores across the state that have been allowed to reclassify as a restaurant to remain open, TABC said. However, Powell considers it an unreasonable hand.

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“Retailers have been able to stay open because restaurants have been able to stay open, but because we sell wine as our primary source of income, we are considered unsafe for COVID sites,” he said.

He combined his liquor legally with food trucks, so food sales surpassed alcohol sales.

Not all pubs have that opportunity.

“It doesn’t really make a lot of sense for us to be lonely because alcohol makes more money than other companies,” Powell added.

The holiday season is different in 2020, and rollbacks are another success for businesses that calculate holiday earnings.

“We all started decorating a little early because 2020 wasn’t our favorite year,” Reid said. “So, for the past two months we have been trying to be as happy as we can make them.”


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