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Is it the Recreation of Reincarnation with Mushoku Tensei 2?

Is it the Recreation of Reincarnation with Mushoku Tensei 2?

To provide our readers the most authentic and valuable information regarding their favorite movies and shows is our foremost responsibility. With this thought in mind ,we are back with all the latest updates of yet another famous series Mushoku Tensei Season 2.

It is said that we have only one life to live and we must make the most of it till we leave the mortal world. Subjects like Reincarnation, rebirth, past life, after life, etc have always been matters of debate and discussions since ancient times.

Mushoku Tensei is a show which is based on one such topic, Reincarnation and what needs to be praised is, it has explored the concept of Reincarnation in a very subtle and interesting manner and was liked by the audience quite a lot. To know more about the show, you need to read this article till the end. Scroll On…

Mushoku Tensei 2

Mushoku Tensei: Some important points to know about the show

Mushoku Tensei which literally means Jobless Reincarnation is a Japanese anime fictional show first premiered on January 11,2021 with 11 episodes so far and a run time of approximately 25 minutes.

It is an adaptation of a Japanese light novel series of the same name written by Rifujin na Magonote.

The series was written and directed by Manabu Okamoto under the production of Egg Firm Studio. It revolves around a 34 year old man who wakes up in another world with all his past memories,only to do something fruitful and constructive in his new life which he couldn’t do in his previous one.

The series has received a positive response from the viewers so far and it seems like the makers also know what the audience wants next, which is why they are planning to release a second part of Mushoku Tensei as well, soon.

Now, Let’s move on to the next part of the article to know what is the plotline of the show.

Mushoku Tensei 2

Plot of Mushoku Tensei

The show is based on Rudeus, a 34 year old man who thinks that he has been living a worthless and futile life, since his parents died.

One day he meets with a fatal road accident that claims his life but to his utter dismay and shock, he finds himself reborn in a baby’s body in another world. He identifies himself as Rudeus Greyrat and vows to become successful in his new life. He gains huge expertise in magic and sorcery and quickly becomes a pro at it.

Things were going on smoothly for Rudeus when a devastating tragedy struck his nation leaving hundreds of people stranded,hungry and even dead. Rudeus feels that this is the opportunity when he can prove his worth and make his life meaningful.With no knowledge of how this happened , Rudeus nonetheless decides to save his people and nation and thus begins his venturesome journey of courage, bravery, magic and mysteries.

How will Rudeus manage to save his people, will he be successful in his mission,who are the people he encounters and will he finally be able to live a life devoid of regrets?

To get the answer to these questions you need to watch the series on your Television screens.

Mushoku Tensei 2

Will There be a Season 2 of Mushoku Tensei?

When a show becomes a hit among the masses it is not unusual to see people demanding a second season of it. Same is the case with Mushoku Tensei.

Since a while, Rumours have been doing rounds on the internet that Mushkoi Tensei will have a second season too. However I would like to clear the air by telling my readers that there are no sources to officially confirm this statement.

Well,well,well…hold on your horses, my dear fellas, before you get disappointed, let me tell you some good news. Although Season 2 of your favorite show is not on the cards as of now, part 2 of Season 1 is officially confirmed by the makers !

Yes you read it right and if sources are to be believed, part 2 of 1st Season of Mushoku Tensei will go on floors sometime in October. As soon as we get its official due date, we will inform you right away.

Star Cast of Mushoku Tensei 2

Here’s the list of all the voice actors of Mushoku Tensei:

  • Rudeus Greyrat voiced by Yumi Uchiama
  • Eris voiced by Ai Kakuma
  • Roxy voiced by Konomi Kohara
  • Ruijerd voiced by Daisuke Namikawa

Where to watch Mushoku Tensei season 2

We do not have any update regarding the season 2 of the show and release date of part 2 of first Season is not announced yet so it’s difficult to say where you can stream it on television.

But till then you can enjoy Mushoku Tensei season 1 on Hulu and Funimation,

Ratings and Reviews

Mushoku Tensei season 2 has successfully managed to make its name among the blockbuster anime series which is evident from its Ratings.

The show has got a rating of 8.3/10 on IMDb and 8.4/10 on myanimelist.net.

Official Trailer of Mushoku Tensei 2

You can watch the official trailer of Mushoku Tensei Season 1.


I hope I didn’t disappoint my readers. I know It’s difficult to wait for the Second part of the show but one thing is for sure that the wait is going to be worth it.

Till then stay tuned with us to know all the interesting updates regarding your favourite shows and movies and do not forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below as your opinions and appreciation matters a lot to us.

Have a wonderful day ahead!

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