Record visit to the United States at AT&T Stadium – Spectators return to the stage!

The boxing fans returned to the United States with great enthusiasm. A fight is taking place in Tekasi today Sula Alvarez With Billy Joe Sanderschem The new record of seats in the stands was broken. Fighting on the field in Texas AT&T Saw 73,126 visitors.

The previous record was owned by Muhammad Ali and Leon Sphinx. Now in the United States, a new audience record of 73,126 viewers – Saul Alvarez and Billy Joe Sanders – has been created. Anthony Joshua still holds the world record today, welcoming nearly 78,000 fans at Cardiff Stadium.

Either way, the exhibition with the superweight boxers was very exciting, and Eddie Hearn had another win, yet leaving the competitive boxing barn. There is no doubt that matchroom boxing brings together the best boxers and organizes the best and biggest events. Behind the success of the advertiser lies the ability to negotiate. In recent years, he has signed huge duels for Joshua, Alvarez, Kolovkin, Okoli, Lomasenka and Usik.

As for the successful Mexican, he will bring his fight against the Caleb plant and try to win the IPF title. Thus, the Mexican would lead to unification and destroy another weight category. Without deceiving himself, ‘Canelo’ was an incredible boxer, and the only risk he took was if he agreed to light heavyweight matches.

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